Saturday, February 21, 2015

Metal Slug Defense V1.18.0 - How to beat the New Mission 78?

One of the most eye-catching updates of the Metal Slug Defense V1.18.0 is the introduction of 3 more KOF units - IORI, MATURE and VICE.

Now, how powerful are those trio? The good thing is, in the New Missions (78th and 79th) added, we have the answer.

In the Mission 78th, the goal is to defeat these 3 units with the Kyo, Benimaru and Goro. Obviously, our units are relatively weaker as there is IORI at the opposite! This mission is really giving me some tough time. After trials and errors, I have finally come out with a better approach.

First, wait until the AP collected is sufficient to summon 2 units (at about 300 AP). Here, i prefer Kyo and Goro first. Then, Benimaru is the last.

Note, activating the skills of the trio is the critical part, especially the Kyo! His skill takes a few buffer so it is better to summon him first while letting the others defend.

Finally, you will notice that our units are defeated, and the enemy left is the IORI. Now, before he finishes our portal, make sure you summon the Benimaru ASAP to beat IORI! At the end of the battle, your portal is probably having the HP lesser than half.

So far this works for me. And again and again, i am really impressed by this update. Hopefully SNK will continue to add more KOF members into the MSD!

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