Sunday, October 26, 2014

Metal Slug Defense V1.10.1 New Missions 41-45

The Metal Slug Defense V1.10.1 comes with new Halloween Missions - 41st-45th. Relatively, I found these missions are easier to complete. A total of 15 Medals would be rewarded in the end.

Mission 41
The important part of this mission, is to strike and kill the Snail AFTER they have activated the 'skill'. Precisely, activate the Leona's skill after the snail comes out from the shell. At the same time, summon the first two units to aid from the back. It shouldn't be a problem to defeat the stage within 40 seconds.

Mission 42
Here, both the Clone ERI and the Ralf play important roles. The former kills the flying bats and the hanging mummy easily, while the latter pushes forward easily with his skill. It only takes 30 seconds to complete this stage.

Mission 43
The critical part of this mission, is to build the Sandbag ahead of any other units. Meanwhile, the other units are constructed closed to one another just in front of your own portal. Activate the skills whenever possible. After you can sustain until the Metal Slug Defense Attack is fully charged, it would be an easy win.

Mission 44
The Huge Hermit is stoppable though 'consistent' attacks. The item of "Attack Fever" is to be stressed here. Activate the skills of Samurai Tank and Samurai Infantry before the Attack Fever is running out. Then, just play as usual.

Mission 45
The last mission is an easy one. Just summon as much units as possible + activate their skills. It just opens our eyes to the new Halloween units. :)

Metal Slug Defense V1.10.1 - More Medals rewarded!

Impressive! That's the words I can say to the latest update of Metal Slug Defense V1.10.1.

Apart from the New Missions 41-45, there is one more exciting news: More Medals are rewarded!

First, the SNK developer provides 150 Medals for everyone in this update - to celebrate for the total of 15 Millions downloads.

Not only that, now you will gain a bonus of 3 Medals for 'every' area completed with a Rank S. Meaning, to sum up - 3 Worlds * (12 normal areas + 4 Emergency Areas) + 1 Special World (9 normal areas + 7 Emergency Areas), you will eventually obtain a total of 192 Medals! (64 area * 3 Medals/area)

Now, adding the 192 Medals with the 150 Medals, the figure is 342! (it is enough to purchase a Jupiter King!)

Good Job SNK Developer! Now I can unleash the powers of more units in the Metal Slug Defense Wi-Fi Mode ! :)

Say NO to spammers!

I HATE spammers!

It reminds me of how my life has been f*cked over the last 3 years.

I was promised a potential project about gaming sites and forums, such that I could give up my existing job. It was the first turning point of my life.

Then, without any income, I contributed ideas, contents and efforts for more than 5 months.

It isn't totally fruitless. But the so-called 'partners' claimed that it is not going to work. A lot of excuses such as "Your domain isn't appropriate", "Your contents are not interesting...". I was undermined.

However, just when I was looking for a new job, it comes a hilarious incident - The so-called 'partners' established a ridiculously spammy gaming forum, outwitting the search engines and earning millions.

Regardless of the 'originality' of the ideas, I was the stupid one excluded in the 'potential project' from the beginning. I am still owing debts and leading a miserable life.

Why i mentioned this?

Today, I am still contributing my ideas through blogs. At this stage, I know it is completely not feasible to make ends meet with this blog. But at the very least, the contents are unique. They are my original pieces of writing.

Whenever I see my contents being duplicated or abused, I feel upset. There are still ways to go for the search engines to ensure that the spammers are completely filtered.

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Boom Beach Update (2014-10-23) - Task Force VS Lt. Hammerman

Today, it comes another update of the Boom Beach game. A major one.

The loading page image changes. The weapon 'Artillery' too.

But the most eye-catching one is the additional icon located besides the 'Navigation' button on your right bottom (after joining the "Task Force") in the Base screen.

Yep. Apart from the normal 'battles' striking random computers who invade your resource villages, now the Boom Beach introduces another battle involving groups of players. To be honest, the details of how exactly this 'Task Force' works are still to be discovered. But I am already in a group of 5, with each in the endeavors of earning more "Intel" points (through attacking the enemy bases on the map).

As observed, the first threshold of initiating the 'Task Force' operation requires the a total of 20 'Intel points' - Milk Run. I really look forward to playing this feature asap and will come back to post more :)

Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 Mobile Special Facilities

Apart from the normal Roller Coaster rides, the Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 Mobile actually comes with a number of Special Facilities:
  • Food Rush (Serve handmade burgers to your peeps and earn extra coins and XP)
  • Slot Machine (Unlocks the Slot Machine mini-game. Click the building after you build it to play Slots! Feeling lucky? Try it out and win coins!)
  • Maintenance (Purchase 'Maintenance' beforehand to avoid your facilities go unattended when they break down)
  • Queue Line Center (Build the Queue Line Center to unlock the ability to add Queue Lines to all of your rides. This is important to generate additional BUZZ for each ride)
  • Engineer's Center (Reduce construction time on all attractions)
  • Music Center (Shop for a variety of RCT from the original games to be played as the background musics)

No doubt, these Special Facilities in the Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 Mobile do contribute to the game significantly. Especially the 'Maintenance building'. A purchase of 60 hours could make sure your site is free of the worry of the facilities break down, at the cost of only $1000.

The Queue Line Center helps generate more BUZZ level (it would mean more revenue as well). Meanwhile, the Engineer's Center reduces the construction time. The earlier you have it in your base, the more advantageous your theme park is.

In short, the special facilities add more variations into the Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 game. I wish there are more features coming soon.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 Mobile is available!

Another memorable game - Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 is available now, both in iOS and Android.

First, to mention the features (claimed by the developer):
•Intuitive RollerCoaster Editor.
•20 pre-designed coasters.
•Customize your theme park with different attractions, restaurants, businesses, concession stands, hotels and decorations.
•Play a Slots mini-game within your park.
•Unlock new materials to construct cooler, faster and taller coasters.
•Grow your economy by creating the ultimate amusement park.
•Share roller coaster blueprints.
•New content and features released all the time.

Then, here's my own opinions.
Honestly, the mobile version of the Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 is a very much simplified version of the Desktop version. There is only 1 type of site/map to start with. During the game play, no more 'screaming' sound effects from the terrified riders. The guests are no longer 'drag-able'.

Furthermore, the 'trees' and 'bushes' are now serving more as the decorations. You can directly 'sell' them instead of logging. Each facility doesn't have a customize-able entry fee anymore.

Every activity performed in the Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 will reward you 'experience' - Building facilities, Upgrading facilities, Collecting money and etc. The higher level you achieve, the more attractions and rides you will unlock. In the end, you may brag about how outstanding your roller coasters are to your friends.

Like other FREE games, to increase the pace, you may spend some money on the 'Tickets' to complete your goals and activities faster. But it is definitely alright if you don't do that.

To be honest, I just started playing this Roller Coaster Tycoon 4 Mobile. I expect to see more (and post more) features coming soon. Here's my quick feedback for this game:
  • Apart from the Goal, I would like to see a list of 'Achievements' from my customized Roller Coaster game, such as "More than 100,000 guests patronized my theme park", or "Collect more than 100,000 dollars". 
  • There should have 1 button to 'Auto-collect' the moneys gained from the facilities. At the moment, every 'tap' you make increases your experience. But the thing is, the more infrastructures you build, the more cumbersome would the entire game become. It is hoped that the developers could do something to improve this.
How about you? Have you tried it out?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Metal Slug Defense New Missions (36th - 40th) V1.9.0

Five more New Missions added in the Metal Slug Defense V1.9.0 - 36th to 40th

Mission 36
In this Mission, i think the message is, the Special Force (the enemy rider) could be stopped if he gets assaulted at the correct timing. Here, provided the Attack Fever, you should be able to keep activating the skills of the Marco and Tarma till the last moment. By stopping several attacks from the Special Force, your armies would reach the enemy portal easily.

Mission 37
Here, i suggest summoning both Ralf and Leona at the same time. Then, activate the Leona's skill to crush the enemy tank. Just play as usual and this mission would be an easy win.

Mission 38
This Mission introduces the new units (Marco Monkey, Fio Monkey, Trevor Monkey and Nadia Monkey) in the version V1.9.0. But the important point here is that, the climbing Trevor Monkey and Nadia Monkey are actually playing the main roles here. They successfully bypass the obstacles and the ground enemies. Meanwhile, they could attack the ground units and the portal through their skills.

Mission 39
This Mission is indeed interesting. The Marco Monkey and Fio Monkey come with a special feature - dodging. Meaning, these monkeys tend to 'dodge' after striking, effectively minimizing the damage incurred from the Dragon Nosuke.

But in order to allow them performing this 'dodging', you should resist yourself from tapping their skills - throwing a grenade. With this understanding, it isn't hard to complete this mission.

Mission 40
Again, the skill of Leona is to be emphasized - Critical Counter Attack that nullifies the opponent's. Just activate the skill on time before the Morden Robot explodes until she reaches the enemy's portal. (The sandbag is redundant)

Finally, Hooray! 15 Medals are rewarded!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Metal Slug Defense V1.8.0 - Which unit is the strongest now?

I have to mention this. The latest update of the Metal Slug Defense (v1.8.0) should have re-shuffled the cards. Now, the strongest yet the most cost-effective unit has appeared. No doubt, it is no one else but the Morden Robot.

Here, how do I judge which unit is the strongest?

Cost Effective

I am not talking about the clunky unit such as the Jupiter King (it costs 900 AP) which is summoned during the late game. Instead, the cost and the production rate are the main concerns here. Morden Robot, at the cost of 140, is able to serve immediately at the early game after several AP speed upgrades. I would say he is one of the most effective units when playing the Wi-Fi VS mode.

Outstanding Hit Points and Attack Power

I haven't had the chance to make it 1 VS 1 with the other popular units (such as Trevor, Ralf, Leona, etc). But from the observation so far, the Morden Robot is the only one who can defeat most of the stages in the World 3 ALONE! (Seriously, it works in the Final 'Hell' stage of the Emergency Area North Asia N. East as well, coupled with the Metal Slug Attack) With the 4000 HP at the level 20, he simply fears no one at the early game. And to my surprise, the Morden Robot alone is capable of beating the BIG SHIEE in the final stage of China!

Special Ultimate Skill

Most 'zombie-d' units have the special feature of 'Not regress-able' when they are being hit aggressively. However, the Morden Robot makes this feature to another whole new level - 'unaffected At All'. What I am trying to say is that, the Morden Robot is unstoppable once he is summoned. No one could take a buffer of rest when fighting with him. Not even the strikes from the Jupiter King or the Big Shiee could push him backwards. Moreover, he is able to cause damage after the death! (hurls his robotic head and follows by a suicide attack)

Combining these factors, I hereby can conclude that Morden Robot is really the strongest unit so far who can contribute significantly in your battles. In case you are wondering, the Morden Robot is un-lockable through the POW rescue in the Emergency Area 'East Europe' of the latest World (World 3).

Monday, October 6, 2014

Metal Slug Defense V1.8.0 World 3 POW rescue

After around 10 days of playing the Metal Slug Defense v1.8.0, I have finally rescued all the POWs, unlocking the new units (Mummy Trevor, Elite Arabian Soldier, Cybord Allen Oneil, Morden Robot and Mars People Cadre) and the enhancement.

Seriously, I am impressed. Especially in the Emergency Areas, the enemies are getting much harder than before. The most challenging one would be the North Asia N. East. Out of the 5 stages, there 3 'Expert' levels and 1 'Hell' level. You would be probably facing some troubles before being able to defeat the stages with a Rank 'S'.

In this post, particularly, I would like to add some info regarding the POW rescue. Since the update of the Metal Slug Defense v1.5.0, you may discover that the POW saving is more likely a random process. And after completing those new areas in the v1.8.0, now I could probably verify this.

Average of 7 POW rescued in 10 games

This time, I purposely do not fulfill the conditions mentioned in my previous post. Rather, I keep repeating a same stage until i completely saved all the POW. From observation, the probability is about 7 POW in 10 'Mission Complete'. I personally think that the unit attacking higher could stand a higher chance of saving POW (such as Elephant slug). Apart from that, the maximum 'items' obtained per stage could reach 7 or more. Hence, it is advise-able not to finish a game too fast, unless you have gained at least 4 items (which randomly falls down).

Use Fast Forward to boost the game speed

I would say this is the most valid method in the Metal Slug Defense for the POW rescue. Tap the Fast Forward button as soon as the game starts. You would find that it only consumes around 30s (or lesser ) per game (in real time). And that explains why i could finish the new map within a week. By the way, make sure your deck has strong armies to face the difficulties.

Prioritize the Areas

At first, it would be better to save at least 1 POW per stage in order to start unlocking the enhancement. Then, I recommend rescuing the POW in the areas which contribute better - Increase Max value of Sortie Points, increase attack power unit or increase production rate of the unit. The MSP gained is the least importance.

Saving 3 POW per game is not impossible

This is really an once-in-a-blue moon exception in the latest Metal Slug Defense update (as in the picture). Last time, i was able to save 4.

MSP is still overflowing

Thanks to the Metal Slug Defense developers, now the MSP overflow issue is still there. Just FYI,  my MSP has reached 32 Millions!