Thursday, July 31, 2014

Shadow Fighter 2 Walkthrough

Shadow Fighter 2 - an arcade game that involves 'shadows' fighting. lol

Like the King of Fighters or the Street Fighters games, in the Shadow Fighter 2, you are provided an onscreen joystick with a punch + a kick for the game play (but only 1 type of attack, without the selections such as 'light punch', 'medium punch', 'heavy punch'...). But the difference is that, you are now able to buy equipments to boost your character - Attacks points and Hit points. Only after you have equipped with those weapons you would learn the special moves. Apart from that, the higher level you reach, the more movements can be unlocked.

The mission of the Shadow Fighter 2 is - Win the Tournament (defeat 24 opponents) + Defeat the Lynx, Hermit, Butcher, Wasp, Widow and Shogun.

Here's my experience after playing this game:

Various Equipments and Movement

Weapons: Knives, Knuckles, Sai, Steel Batons, Ninja Sword, Machetes, The Sting, Daggers, Blood Reaper
Body: Robe, Old Leather Jacket, Kendo Breastplate, Riveted Jacket, Red Doublet, Fury Carapace, Leather Jacket, Snake Harness
Helmet: Light Helm, Kendo Mask, Conical Hat, Soldier's Kabuto, Sacral Mask
Ranged Weapons (unlocked after defeating Lynx)
Magic (unlocked after defeating Hermit)

*Note: You can upgrade your weapons as well!

The movements vary depending on your weapons equipped. You can go through it in the list. (eg: Uppercut, Axe Kick, Spinning Step Kick, Forward Throw, etc)

Head Attack is critical

If you are able aim at the opponent's head, the damage incurred is significantly higher than the other body parts (this certainly makes sense in the reality). That's the reason you have the 'Helmet' as the special equipment to protect your head (to reduce the damage). Realizing this, I prefer using the attack 'Move forward + Punch + Punch' (Knuckles Super Slash if you are using knuckles) to strike from the top to the bottom (stand a higher chance of hitting the opponents' head).

Different Metrics that increase the Coins earned

  • Win
  • Perfect (Win with max Hit points)
  • First Strike
  • Max Combo
  • Shock
  • Hard Style

If you can achieve these metrics in your game play, you would be able to earn more coins for the purchase of the equipments. Specifically, 'Shock' and 'Hard Style' are rather random. From observations, it seems to work if you hit the opponent at the correct timing (when he is trying to attack).

Survival Mode as the practice and training

When you keep losing in the beginning of the Shadow Fighter 2 game, you will be able to unlock the "Survival Mode". This mode will provide you a good training in order to gain more coins for the weapon upgrades. Each ninja that you defeat in this mode will earn you 30 Coins. Together with the other metrics, the challenge of the Survival Mode would serve as the crucial approach to enhance your character before facing tougher opponents.

Monday, July 28, 2014

FFFFF2P Game Walkthrough

FFFFF2P - a ridiculously simple and fast-paced game.

Nothing much to mention here. As seen in the UI above, in the FFFFF2P game, you have to avoid the obstacles 'ads' dropped by the evil cloud (which takes away your princess). At the same time, you got to stomp(crush) the obstacles in order to earn money.

The first time I played this FFFFF2P game, it was like what the 'fffff'? What's the objective of this game? Then, a glance through the store reveals the answer, as shown below:

Apart from the items that could boosts the game play (increase coins value (diamond, ruby, dime,etc) or Castle Upgrade), the ultimate item is "BEAT THE GAME"! With the expense of "1000000 coins" or $2.99, you can immediately save the princess and beat the game!

This FFFFF2P is just ridiculous. Although I have trained myself to earn about 150+ coins per game, i think it is time to stop.

Grabbity Game Walkthrough

 Grabbity - a platform game based on the Gravity and the Rabbit! lol

At the time of writing, there are 7 Worlds with more than 60 levels to conquer in the Grabbity game. However, in order to play the puzzles in the subsequent Worlds, you have to collect sufficient 'Grabbity' coins throughout the game play. Currently i have reached 40+ levels. Here's my opinion on this Grabbity game so far:

Amazing Game Control

In the Grabbity, the 'rabbit' can be controlled in all angles and directions! There is no button on the screen (except the pause one). The objective of the game, is to lead the rabbit to the 'Green exit door' through puzzle solving. Sometimes you may need to turn the device for more than 180 degrees in order to navigate in the maze with the optimum speeds. However, note that the rabbit cannot withstand the fall from a very high position.

Game Puzzles vary

Avoid the spikes and electric shock, kill the enemies, unlock the obstacles, etc. The puzzles introduced in this game vary in each world. It may overlap, but the game play is always refreshing. One thing to add on is that, there is a 'grab' ability (tap and hold). This game control is critical in most of the levels in the Grabbity game.

Three Metrics

a) Level Complete
b) All Grabbity Coins collected
b) Best Time Challenge
Each level in the Grabbity has at least 3 metrics. In some levels, there is an additional star coin to be collected. The challenging part is usually how to fulfill all these metrics at the same time. Trials and errors are inevitable.

To summarize, with great graphics, the Grabbity game certainly deserves a try.

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nuts! Game Walkthrough

Ok. I LOVE this game - Nuts!

It is an action game like the Temple Run or the Subway Surfer. But Nuts! brings it the next level - Climbing instead of running, and you can navigate around the whole trunk.

The Objective - Save the Picnic

This Nuts! Game comes with a story. The lovely squirrel couple has their picnic container stolen by the Eagle. In order to save those items, the squirrel has to climb up the tree chasing after the eagle. There are 10 items in total (each appears randomly in every round of the Nuts! game). After collecting all the missing items, you would be able to unlock another purple squirrel. (by the way, it is just another different color squirrel (Miranda). Nothing much special. lol) During the adventures, you have to avoid the obstacle branches.

Different Boosts to enhance the game play

At the moment, there are 6 items in the Nuts! game for the upgrade - Red Fireball, Green Fireball, Blue Fireball, Coins, Shield, Hearts (life).

From observation, all the fireballs (the fire Nuts) are meant for sprinting forward with a power shield (such that you can break through all the obstacle branches). Blue Fireball lasts the longest! (and hence, more coins are needed for the further upgrade).

Coins - Unlock Green coins (worth two), Blue coins (worth five) and Gold coins (worth ten). In my opinion, it is crucial to unlock at least to Blue coins at the beginning, such that you will gain more in your subsequent game plays.

Shield - A powerful spell that will save you from being hit by the branch.

Hearts - You can upgrade up to 6 lives per game.

Different Zones on a single tree

To add more variations into the game play of the Nuts!, the developer adds various Zones which present different challenges. First, the leaf-less spiky branch zone. You may take this opportunity to complete the quests of "Climb xx meters without picking up a coin" as the paths of this zone is usually either 'full of coins' or 'none'.

Next, the icy winter zone. Here, you have to avoid the the icy surface as it is too slippery for the climb (which makes the squirrel buffer a while before changing directions).

Addictive Game Play

As soon as i started playing this Nuts! game, I couldn't stop playing it until I have unlocked the purple squirrel (collected 10 items) and have obtained 30+ achievements.

At the moment, there are a total of 44 achievements (only). I hope more will be added soon :)

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Timberman Walkthrough

Timberman - a game that mimics the style of the Flappy Bird game - pixelated images and simple game play that challenges your accuracy and consistency.

The game play of the Timberman is straightforward. You are either tapping the left or right side of your screen in order to move the timberman. Each tap makes a chop. If there is a branch above the timberman when you tap, it will crush your timberman and it is game over!

The number of chops (taps) will determine your achievement in this Timberman game. When the game begins, a clock is ticking as well. The good thing is that, the more you chop, the more time you gain. Of course, the level keeps increasing and the countdown speed is proportionally raised.

Here, the accuracy and the consistency of tapping speed is undoubtedly a critical factor to your high score. Practice makes perfect. Once you are getting used to the 'distance between the branch and the timberman's head', you will be able to estimate how much taps required before you change to the another side.

To add more 'variations' in the Timberman game, the developer has created various appearances of the timberman which can be unlocked either through your performance or the total number of chops. This is what i think is a crucial enhancement compared to the Flappy Bird game. Why? the more we play, the more advantages we obtain. (just like an RPG game).

I wish this Timberman can be as successful and viral as the Flappy Bird game. How do you think?

Friday, July 18, 2014

Metal Slug Defense World 3 V1.4.0

In the version 1.4.0, the Metal Slug Defense introduces 2 more areas into the World 3 map: Brazil and New York.

Basically, the stages are not difficult to handle with, except the last one - New York stage 5.

Description: the enemy Gunner Unit quickly reaches your portal as soon as the game starts. His attack is so powerful that it disables your soldiers' attack. If you are having a 1 vs 1, you are in a disadvantage. So, how to deal with this situation?

My answer is, quickly build the sandbag while summoning other units together.

The timing is critical. In my case, first, upgrade the AP buildup for 2 times. (it is alright to let the Gunner Unit approach and attack your portal).

Then, wait until the AP accumulates until it is enough to summon several units together.

Next, the Hopper Mecha is my first soldier summoned. Its explosion causes the Gunner Unit steps backward. Immediately after this, summon Trevor + Sandbag. Why? the sandbag built provides a buffer for the Trevor (or range units) to hit and destroy the Gunner Unit. Then, my habit is that, i like to use the Shielded Soldier as he is able to further minimize the damage to my troops.

Once you break through the first Gunner Unit, the rest is almost the same - summon as many soldiers as possible while activating their skills.

You will earn 10 Medals each for completing the Brazil and New York areas. Good Luck :)

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

King's League: Odyssey Walkthrough

The game - King's League: Odyssey. This is supposed to be a paid game, on both iOS and Android.

But fret not. You may play this light King's League: Odyssey on the web as well. Although it might have lesser features than those in the premium mobile version, it at least gives you some ideas of the game play.

Basically, it is to ultimately form a group of 5 units in order to succeed the King of Kurestal Kingdom by defeating his army. But before that, you have to undergo the challenges by the other candidates. Only after you have topped the battle scores at the end of the year, you are able to challenge the King.

Let me go straight to the point. In the Web Flash version of the King's League, I finished the game in less than 2 hours. And the crucial point of this game is - Recruit the strongest unit as soon as possible!

From my observation, this is supposed to be the game flow:
  1. Complete Quests to earn money and resources
  2. Upgrade your troops to conquer other bases
  3. Recruit stronger troops in order to face tougher enemies
  4. Repeat 1-3 until you top the rank and challenge the King

The funny thing is that, during the game play, at one point, I have reached an extent that I couldn't conquer the enemy base anymore due to the lack of upgrades. Yet, the upgrades need money. But the money has gone deficit due to the 'maintenance' of the existing troops! What does this mean? Despite the facts that you earn some income every year, those money has been 'compensated' to clear your debt! LOL

I was thinking this is GAME OVER for the King's League: Odyssey. However, luckily I managed to top the League rank after shuffling the troops. (Being ranked as the first still doesn't mean the debt can be cleared. The monthly income depends on how much bases you have conquered.) Then, I am able to challenge the King.

What I find out is that, although you lose the fight to the King, you are still able to earn the 'Battle Point' which is critical to raise the Level of the troops. So? The next thing to do is to spam the battles with the King. Earn as much Battle Point as possible and level up the troops to the maximum level (it is 5 in the Flash version). With this, you would be able to have higher a chance of defeating the King.

One more point to mention in this King's League: Odyssey, among the 5 soldiers, it is of utmost importance to have 1 healer unit. In my case, there are 4 strikers (either Knights or Infantries) + 1 healer. With this, even though your troops are weaker than the King's army, the healer could serve as an crucial reinforcement at the back.

Although i only conquered only 4 territories (losing more battles), i am still able to complete the game.

I justified my statement through playing the second time. :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Metal Slug Defense: What are the potential improvements in the future?

Recently, I am so addicted to this game - Metal Slug Defense. Right now, it is almost perfect in terms of the variations of the soldiers, skills, game play stages, etc.

But after rounds of Wifi VS PvP game, I think there is still room for future improvements.

1. Overflowing MSP

Please. Do something with the MSP... Thanks to the POW saving, my MSP value now exceeds 6 Millions... I am sure I am not the only one. I hope it can be converted into Medals or something.

2. Add more troops variation

Healing Units: Now, 99% of the units are meant for striking (except the Sandbag). If there is a nurse unit (or something similar) to heal the troops, the game play variation would be significantly increased.

Boosting Units: Perhaps if there are some units designed to raise the troops' HP, Attack Speed, etc on the battles, it will have more fun :)

Undermining Enemies Units: Am I playing too much Tower Defense Game? :p I wish to see something like 'freezing' the enemies to slow them down, both in moving speed and attack speed.

3. More Special Missions

If more unit types are introduced, definitely it would be great if there are more Missions to experiment on the new units :)

4. More Worlds and Areas

When will the World 4 or 5 be available?

Monday, July 14, 2014

Metal Slug Defense Wifi VS PvP: How to form the strongest deck?

Alright, after so many POW saving rounds of the Metal Slug Defense games, it is time to go to the next level - Wifi VS PvP mode.

I am honest, I am yet to discover the 'strongest' deck in the Metal Slug Defense Games as I haven't unlocked all the units from the shop. Below only shows my current Deck. Basically fighting with the "Same Rank" is fine . But when it comes to All Ranks, there are still ways to go. This post is for open discussion and you are free to air your opinions and experiences.

1. SV-001
2. DI-Cokka
3. Samurai Tanks
4. Elephant Slug
5. Trevor
6. Leona
7. Shielded Soldier
8. Fat Eri
9. Fat Fio
10. Fat Tarma

First, I used to upgrade the AP buildup for 2 times before summoning the first soldier in the PvP mode. (You may think that this should vary depending on the distance between the portals).

Then, the Samurai Tank is my first soldier. I find that this unit is quite strong at the beginning (and the production is fast, but the attack speed is relatively slow). Immediately, it follows by either Di-Cokka or Trevor. When the enemies approach, activate the soldiers' skill whenever possible.
Note: You may wait until the AP points are enough to summon at least 2 soldiers at a time.

Next, it should be Leona and Shielded Soldier. After learning from the New Missions that avoiding the 'critical hits' are crucial in the battle, I favor Leona and Shielded Soldier, especially when they are able to minimize the damage incurred to our soldiers through their skills. HOWEVER, one discouraging fact is that, the network latency that takes place while activating the soldier skills are sometimes annoying. You may need to tap multiple times to cast the skills. The discrepancy of around 1 second could thoroughly influence the battle flow and determine the winner. Still, if the skills are successfully activated on time, this strategy is quite useful.

By now, i would either re-summon the troops mentioned above, or the rest if the cool down is still incomplete. Hence, you may place other soldiers instead of the Fat Eri, Fat Fio and Fat Tarma as stated.  Don't forget to activate the Metal Slug Attack which could reward you some AP after killing the enemies.

That's my game play in the Metal Slug Defense Wifi PvP. How about yours?
If you think that your deck is much stronger than mine, share us yours! ;)

Note: You may obtain Medals after winning the games in the Metal Slug Defense Wifi PvP!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Metal Slug Defense New Missions V1.4.0

This post is about the New Missions introduced in the Metal Slug Defense latest update (V1.3.0, V1.4.0)

There are 10 missions available. The thing is, it isn't that hard to complete them. Instead, this post is about the important lessons that I have learned from all these, especially the uniqueness of different units.

Some units can impose Splash damage
The Drill Slug, Tarma's shotgun skill, Big Snail, etc are able to cause Splash damage (or area effects). In Mission 5, it is best to summon Drill Slug and Sandbag first. Then, activate Drill Slug's skill as soon as possible to kill the maggots.

The AP buildup speed determines your success of defeating a stage
The number of AP buildup upgrades before you summon the first soldier unit is critical in the Metal Slug Defense. I usually upgrade 2 times first. Depending on the difficulty of the stages, sometimes you may require once or more than that. It directly affects the speed of your attacks or defense subsequently.

Edited: For example, in Mission 7, you have to upgrade the AP buildup several times before summoning the defensive tanks. By having a few tanks attacking the giant crab at the same time, it will provide more buffer time before the crab moves forward to your portal.

Some units can avoid a Critical Attack once

The Shielded Soldier, Big Snail, Leona, etc are able to avoid a critical attack with their skills. This is especially crucial in the mission 8. You have to activate the skills of the soldiers just before the enemy launch the lethal laser.

Leona unit is awesome

If you think that Melee unit is having a disadvantage in the Metal Slug Defense Game, then Leona's ability might change your mind. Her HP is high enough to withstand the enemies' damage before approaching them. Then, by activating the skill, she is not only able to avoid a critical attack, but also comes with an impressive counter-attack. That counter-attack could destroy a tank immediately.

Why this understanding is important in the Metal Slug Defense? In fact, it not only helps in the battle, but also adds to your game play variation in order to save the POWs. This is especially crucial in the coming updates. Utilizing the uniqueness of each unit would serve as the key to the success in this game!

EDITED: In the V1.4.0, the Metal Slug Defense has 5 more new missions added. You will be awarded another 30 medals once completed them.

Here shows my experience:
Mission 11: Just summon as many soldiers as possible while activating their skills.

Mission 12: Again, summon as many soldiers as possible, especially the Shielded Guerrilla. Activate his shield skill whenever possible to reduce the damage to the troops.

Mission 13: Upgrade AP buildup 2 times. Then, keep summoning the first soldier "Native". Activate his skill when he is still 'far away' from the enemy. Summon the rest and build them 'just in front of' the portal. Last, remember to activate Metal Slug Defense.

Mission 14: Just summon as much soldiers as possible. Both Gunner Unit and the Clark have the skills of hitting the air units. Just activate them whenever possible.

Mission 15: I suggest summoning the soldiers after you have accumulated a certain amount of AP. For example, when the AP is higher than 600, you may summon all the soldiers on the deck altogether. Next, keep summoning the first 3 units: Shielded Guerrilla, Leona, Gunner Unit and activate their skills (especially the Gunner Unit). The first 2 are to minimize the damage incurred to the troops. The third one is to destroy the air units.

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Metal Slug Defense Daily Boss Challenge

In the Metal Slug Defense v1.3.0, new missions and units are introduced. Furthermore, the area of Daily Boss is opened. Meaning, it looks like an Emergency Area, but the areas of Daily Boss differ depending on the "day of the week". If you have successfully rescued all the POW (Prisoners of the War), you would be able to unlock more units.

Saturday BOSS (France Northern)

The first "day of the week" (during the update) happens to be on Friday. But unfortunately i have missed the POW rescue. Will update here ASAP next week.

Meanwhile, I will update the table below after I have managed to defeat the daily Boss stages and rescue all the POW in the Metal Slug Defense. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

*Sometimes, I don't remember what are the exact hidden conditions required that I met with in order to save the POW. Here I would just write down whatever approaches from the memory.

Day of the weekStagesPossible ConditionsOutcome
  • Only 2 Trevors
  • Minimum basic units (3 for me)
(Roberto Nicola) -
Fat Marco will be available
Roberto Nicola
Fat Marco

  • Only Trevors
  • Speed Rank A?
  • No AP buildup upgrade
  • Only Leona and Trevor + Rank S
  • No more than 1 unit other than Leona
  • Not activate soldiers' skills
  • No walking soldiers
  • 1 Trevor (skill activated)
  • Defeat the portal before the tank (T-2B Melty Honey) comes out (using only Blue soldiers)
(Nathalie Neo) -
Fat Tarma will be available

Nathalie Neo
Fat Tarma

  • Basic walking Units
  • Minimum units? (4 for me)
  • No AP buildup/not activate skills
  • Ranks S?
  • Minimum units? (7+)
  • No Leona?
  • ???
(Galapagoes Islands)
  • 3 Trevors
  • Defeat Portal before boss (big crab)
(Alisa Stewart) -
Fat Fio will be available
Alisa Stewart
Fat Eri

  • 4 Trevors
  • Only one unit per type
  • Destroy the portal and the boss (big crabs) as soon as they appears?
  • Speed Rank S?
  • Minimum units? (around 5)
  • Defeat the stage before mini UFO strikes 1st time?
  • Defeat the stage before mini UFO strikes 2nd time?
(South Africa)
  • 1 Trevor (not activate anything)
  • Blue soldiers only
(Allen O'Neil JR) -
Fat Eri will be available

Allen O'Neil JR
Fat Fio

  • Not activate skill / 6 units only
  • 4 Trevors
  • Rank S?
  • Speed Rank A?
  • Minimum casualties? (around 4+)
  • Use only Leona
  • No Walking units?
  • - (sorry, no detail)
(Sophia) -
Slug Copter will be available


Slug Copter

  • Speed Rank S?
  • Minimum casualties?
  • (Sorry no details) 
  • *You may refer to the comments from the user 'saw' below.
(France Northern)
  • Use only Trevors 
  • Use only SV-001
(Margaret) -
Flying Tara will be available

Flying Tara
  • Speed
  • Use only Trevors
  • No AP buildup
  • Minimum casualties 
  • Minimum units
  • Speed Rank A?
  • No Metal Slug Attack
(Saudi Arabia)
  • Use only Trevors 
  • Basic Unit
(Eris) -
Samurai Planes will be available

Samurai Planes??!! (Typo?)
  • One unit per soldier type
  • No Casualties
  • Minimum Units (3 for me)
  • Rank S?
  • No Sandbag
  • No more than 1 unit per type other than Hopper Mecha?
  • Minimum soldier type? (4 for me)

*Often, minimum casualties could be achieved through summoning lesser low-HP units, while using more high-HP units. (OR use sandbag strategically if you haven't obtained those high-HP units yet)
*I found that Leona is an awesome Melee unit. She helps me strike faster in the France Northern 3rd stage BOSS (avoid critical attack while making a counter attack!). You may experience this in the Metal Slug Defense New Missions.
*In the Sunday Saudi Arabia Boss area, i have to use Hopper Mecha to clear the stages so far.
*Sorry, no details for the Friday Challenge. I rescued 7 POWs last week, without jotting down the details. But i think the similar conditions apply, as stated in the other post.

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