Saturday, August 9, 2014

Metal Slug Defense Wi-Fi VS (PvP) V1.5.0

One of the great features in the Metal Slug Defense v1.5.0 amazing me is that, in the Wi-Fi VS mode, you can play on a "2 Players VS 2 Players" mode. Now this game has really gone MMO!

As shown in the above picture, you will be rewarded with 3 Medals with every 5 victories in the 2on2 Mode. 

 This impressive 2 VS 2 mode in the Metal Slug Defense has indeed added more variation into the game play. You might be an offensive or a defensive player on your own. It would be a boost if you are matched with another player compensating for your weakness. In the picture above, on the verge of being defeated, I summon the defensive Mars Mecha while my partner is summoning the giant tank. That turned the table!

Yep. As you can observe, I managed to obtain the 3 Medals after having 5 victories :)

I am glad that the Metal Slug Defense keeps adding awesome features into the game! Try it out yourself!

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