Friday, July 4, 2014

Metal Slug Defense New Missions V1.4.0

This post is about the New Missions introduced in the Metal Slug Defense latest update (V1.3.0, V1.4.0)

There are 10 missions available. The thing is, it isn't that hard to complete them. Instead, this post is about the important lessons that I have learned from all these, especially the uniqueness of different units.

Some units can impose Splash damage
The Drill Slug, Tarma's shotgun skill, Big Snail, etc are able to cause Splash damage (or area effects). In Mission 5, it is best to summon Drill Slug and Sandbag first. Then, activate Drill Slug's skill as soon as possible to kill the maggots.

The AP buildup speed determines your success of defeating a stage
The number of AP buildup upgrades before you summon the first soldier unit is critical in the Metal Slug Defense. I usually upgrade 2 times first. Depending on the difficulty of the stages, sometimes you may require once or more than that. It directly affects the speed of your attacks or defense subsequently.

Edited: For example, in Mission 7, you have to upgrade the AP buildup several times before summoning the defensive tanks. By having a few tanks attacking the giant crab at the same time, it will provide more buffer time before the crab moves forward to your portal.

Some units can avoid a Critical Attack once

The Shielded Soldier, Big Snail, Leona, etc are able to avoid a critical attack with their skills. This is especially crucial in the mission 8. You have to activate the skills of the soldiers just before the enemy launch the lethal laser.

Leona unit is awesome

If you think that Melee unit is having a disadvantage in the Metal Slug Defense Game, then Leona's ability might change your mind. Her HP is high enough to withstand the enemies' damage before approaching them. Then, by activating the skill, she is not only able to avoid a critical attack, but also comes with an impressive counter-attack. That counter-attack could destroy a tank immediately.

Why this understanding is important in the Metal Slug Defense? In fact, it not only helps in the battle, but also adds to your game play variation in order to save the POWs. This is especially crucial in the coming updates. Utilizing the uniqueness of each unit would serve as the key to the success in this game!

EDITED: In the V1.4.0, the Metal Slug Defense has 5 more new missions added. You will be awarded another 30 medals once completed them.

Here shows my experience:
Mission 11: Just summon as many soldiers as possible while activating their skills.

Mission 12: Again, summon as many soldiers as possible, especially the Shielded Guerrilla. Activate his shield skill whenever possible to reduce the damage to the troops.

Mission 13: Upgrade AP buildup 2 times. Then, keep summoning the first soldier "Native". Activate his skill when he is still 'far away' from the enemy. Summon the rest and build them 'just in front of' the portal. Last, remember to activate Metal Slug Defense.

Mission 14: Just summon as much soldiers as possible. Both Gunner Unit and the Clark have the skills of hitting the air units. Just activate them whenever possible.

Mission 15: I suggest summoning the soldiers after you have accumulated a certain amount of AP. For example, when the AP is higher than 600, you may summon all the soldiers on the deck altogether. Next, keep summoning the first 3 units: Shielded Guerrilla, Leona, Gunner Unit and activate their skills (especially the Gunner Unit). The first 2 are to minimize the damage incurred to the troops. The third one is to destroy the air units.

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  1. Replies
    1. Hi, can you specify which mission particularly?
      With some trials and errors, i think you are able to complete the missions.

    2. Mission 7... The 2 giant crab robot things... The crappy stationary cannons and ufo units.... HOW??? Please help!!!!

    3. Sorry... I meant the one giant unstoppable crab tank. I cannot get it down past 50% health@ please help dude!

    4. No worries, I got it!!! Just level up twice and build up a huge defense right next to the base... The crab tank won't touch you!

    5. Hi. Sorry for late reply.
      You are right! This stage emphasizes on the "number of AP buildup" at the beginning before summoning the defensive tanks :)

    6. Thanks for reminding and i have now added this into the post~

    7. still not able to complete it...pls help...

    8. Hi Deepan Raj, how about trying this?
      - First upgrade AP buildup twice.
      - Then summon all the defensive tanks 'just in front of your portal' (tap the worker to build it instantly).
      - Meanwhile, use the plane attack (and metal slug attack) to give some buffer before the hermit comes.

  2. You got plenty helpful information, you should organize all this info into one single post, the table of the daily events was good to thank you.

    1. Thanks for your feedback. Glad that it is helpful :)
      I decide to open new posts to avoid messing up the 'comments' section.

      After all, it would be better to have separate posts on different topics.

      Particularly, this is for "New Missions" on the Metal Slug Defense v1.3.0. (we may not know if there would be more in the future).

      By the way, it is true there should have 1 post organizing and linking to all these. I will create one in the future (or tidy up the 'walkthrough' post) :)

  3. How did you pass mission 3?
    I got some problem when beating the zombies

    1. Here the soldiers skills are critical. You have to activate them on time. Especially the walking soldier, before they approach the enemy, activate the skill to explode the zombies.

      Meanwhile, the samurai plane is serving nothing...

  4. Replies
    1. The Leona and the Shielded Soldier are critical in the Mission 9. The attack from the BOSS is too strong. You need to activate the skills of both Leona and Shielded Soldier to help the others from being attacked.

      At first, upgrade the AP buildup several times. Then, summon all soldiers except sandbags. The shielded soldiers have to be dispatched every time the cool down. Then, just activate the Leona's and the shielded soldiers' skill at the correct timing to minimize the damage incurred.

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  6. Hi! This is all very helpful information yet I can't get past mission 5. Could you please help?

    1. I´m in the same mission.. and I can´t pass it...

    2. In my case, first, upgrade the AP buildup 2 times.
      Then, accumulate the AP points and Drill Slug is the first to summon. The sandbag comes next, and others follow by.
      (it is ok to let the crab approaches your portal at the beginning....)

  7. Hey, reading all this has helped me complete all 10 missions, thank you.

    What units are worth spending medals on? I've saved up some but am now having difficulty deciding who to purchase, I'm stuck on the final mission on the map where there's only 2 levels, I stuck on the one with two hige robot crabs. Can you help me?

    1. I would suggest Leona and Trevors :)
      Can you specify which stages specifically? (Normally, the high-HP units unlocked from the POW rescue, such as Di-Cokka, Elephant Slug and Nop-03 Sarubia are enough to handle the World 3)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I played nine missions, but the value does not increase shortie, I am 0 two hours ago, I do not know what to do .... I think it's a bug

    1. Some mentioned that the sortie point would stop increasing if you have changed the system time. To solve it, either you have to further make it into the future, or into the past.
      If it still doesn't work..... perhaps you might need to re-install the game...

    2. Yes i had a problem with my time in my android. I started again, but now a i have new problem, the third map only arrive to the 4 mission...

    3. FYI, the latest version only has 4 areas. No worry, the developers will add more in the future :)

  10. I'm having a hard time finishing mission 7 :( the one where I have to use Tarma, fat Tarma, the drill slug, and defence tank.. I managed to survive 75 seconds out of the required 80, but then I was swarmed and my units were killed right away.. Is there a strategy I can follow? In details, if possible.. (when should I use defence tank/how many AP speed upgrade at first, etc)

    1. I think you are talking about mission 5.

      The success of building the Sandbag is critical.
      In my case, first, upgrade AP buildup 1 time.
      Then, before the crab approaches your portal, build the Sandbag ASAP (touch him when he appears). The next should be Drill Slug Fat Tarma and Tarma. (Activate the skills whenever possible).
      When the Sandbag cooldown is done, build it again (remember to tap yourself just in front of the portal, or else he may be hit by the enemies and sandbag would be voided).

      Good luck :)

  11. Hi. How can I pass mission 12? I'm having a hard time to kill the machine gunners and the bazooka rebel units with my shielded units and they are solo weak. Especially with the robot rebel army because the AP is too slow. How in the world I'm gonna pass this mission? Help please.

    1. See if this works for you? (you only need the 2nd, 3rd and 4th soldiers)

      First, upgrade AP buildup for 2 times. Then, wait until the AP reaches 120+. Summon both 3rd and 4th soldier at the same time. Activate the shielded soldier whenever possible (it is crucial to minimize the damage incurred). Meanwhile, also activate the skills of the other soldiers when it is ready.

      Basically the AP is spent on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th. When you can withstand the enemies' attack until the Metal Slug Attack cooldown is ready, basically everything would be alright.

  12. Replies
    1. Leona is the main key. Basically this mission can be defeated by using only the Leona character. Activate her skill when she is just about getting attacked.