Thursday, August 28, 2014

Metal Slug Defense World 3 V1.6.0 - Canada, Australia and Central Africa

World 3: Central Africa

In the version 1.6.0 of the Metal Slug Defense, three more areas are unlocked - Canada, Australia and Central Africa. Moreover, there are new units introduced as well. Each area completed would reward you 10 Medals.

The thing is, compared to the 'China' last time, the stage 4 in the latest 3 areas are relatively more 'defeat-able'. With the usual troops in your deck, you are still able to complete the stages without much hassle.

World 3: Canada
World 3: Australia

But the challenge is, how to achieve a 'S' rate? You may think that it isn't important to get a Rank 'S' (speed factor) in the World 3. But from my experience, a Rank 'S' may give you a higher chance of obtaining a random item such as 'mobile satellite', 'rewards x2 (Ok. that might not be useful to you lol).

To make it short, in order to beat the 4th stage of Canada, Australia and Central Africa faster, the use of Leona and Ralf are critical. I don't remember how many times I have emphasized the importance of Leona. Her special skill has been proven super effective in a number of New Missions.

A video paints a million words. I will post some videos of the V1.6.0 soon.

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