Saturday, August 2, 2014

Helpless Hero Walkthrough

Helpless Hero - another 1-button game like Flappy Bird.

The helpless Hero, in a helmet and an underwear, having his princess kidnapped, is desperately rushing to the top of the castle in order to rescue her.

This one-button game is as hilarious as the Flappy Bird. It challenges both your game play accuracy and the consistency. In each floor, it presents a different path puzzle that you need to break through with only the 'jump' control - Jump through the red spikes, avoid the obstacles or the enemies.

Trials and errors are required in order to achieve high scores in this Helpless Hero game. One good thing is that, the difficulties of the levels are fixed. Without the randomness, you can easily memorize the critical timing (to jump) that you should follow at the specific floor. Even with a little delay, the game would end easily.

How many floors are there in the Helpless Hero game? Unfortunately, I am unable to tell this at the moment (or is it just infinite?). Currently I have reached around 20th floor in the Single player mode.

One extra feature in the Multiplayer Mode of the Helpless Hero game is that, your Hero will get spawned whenever he dies (within the 100s). The objective of the mode is to compete with the other players to see which Hero reaches higher (regardless of how many times he gets spawned). To some extent, it makes me feel that playing the Multiplayer Mode is less stressful as the game won't end that quickly. lol. But, on the other hand, i wonder how 'genuine' is the Multiplayer Mode. I have once delayed for minutes before starting the game but the players are still there waiting for me. Anyway, as long as it doesn't affect the game play, it would be alright.

Helpless Hero - another time killer.

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