Friday, August 8, 2014

Metal Slug Defense New Missions V1.5.0

The Metal Slug Defense of the version 1.5.0 has introduce 5 more New Missions - 16, 17, 18, 19 and 20. You will be rewarded 15 Medals after completing these 5 missions.

 Mission 16th:
The key unit to summon is the 4th one "Commander". His attacks from the air are critical to crush the enemies. At the same time, you are required to summon the other units as well.

Mission 17th:
In this mission, the emphasize is on the Second and Third unit.
Second unit: R-SHOBU - Serve to attack the enemies
Third unit: Nop-03 Sarubia - Serve to defend with his high HP.

Mission 18th:
This mission is interesting. The unit "Sniper" is able to "Stay on the position" with his skill. To complete this mission, you have to make sure that the Sniper is not getting too closed to the enemy's portal. Activate his skill at the position which he is 'just enough' to attack the portal. Else, the enemy's portal will unleash a lots of troops.

 For your reference, the 'position' of the sniper is shown above.

Mission 19th:
This mission is again stressing on how powerful the Leona unit is. She is able to withstand ANY attack with her awesome skill. Particularly, the cool down of the Leona's skill in this mission is fast enough for you to unleash it as much as you can. (you just need 1 Leona to beat this)

Mission 20th:
The mission .... is Hard! The enemy "BIG SHIEE" is so gigantic and powerful. My experience is that, you have to make sure every Hopper Mecha (1st unit) summoned is able to deal some damage. (Activate his skill if he is getting attacked). The same goes to the 3rd and 4th units. Sometimes i have to make some estimation such that the air units are summoned at the correct timing so that they won't be killed instantly.

Good luck!

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  1. i cant complete 19 is impossible

    1. Hi Douglas, you just have to keep tapping on the Leona :)

    2. Precisely, tap on the Leona when she is under attack. Only 1 Leona is enough for this mission.

  2. Hooo... mission 19 was frustrating, couldn't miss the timing to attack, and I did repeat lots of time.

    Mission 20 was another hell of fighting, I couldn't believe myself when finally beat the boss.

    1. Haha. I feel the same as yours in the Mission 20. It is always so closed!

  3. in mission 17 the key for me was to keep the action away from the base.. so i sent out the 1st unit asap to give distance b4 i could build the 2nd unit, then 3rd, 2nd, 3rd, 2nd and 2nd, then (again if there isnt time to build the 3rd unit i build the 1st) otherwise 3rd n 3rd.. 2nd n 3rd till u get metal slug attack n the mission is pretty much in the bag..

    1. i see. Ya basically the second and the third unit will do.