Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Dumb Ways to Die Walkthrough

Here's another funny game - Dumb Ways to Die.

It has nothing violent that is unhealthy or unfavorable to the audience, but just a group of funny characters who will die dumbly if you fail to complete the missions (mini games) in time.

The objective of this "Dumb Ways to Die" game is that, 'Save' those dumb characters from dying from their 'ignorant' acts.

There are a total of 15 mini games:
  1. RUN as fast as you can to extinguish the fire on the hair (Tap ASAP)

  2. Defend your private part from being attacked by the piranha (Flick them away)
  3. Wipe your screen ASAP to clean the floor (Yes, wipe your screen literally)
  4. Balance the wobbling eater from falling (Move your device)
  5. Kill the Wasps ASAP (Tap them)
  6. Open the door for the panda, but not the killer (Tap the correct door)
  7. Remove the fork from the toaster carefully 

  8. Keep the plane flying (Blow the speaker)
  9. Match the 'PATIENCE' word (Tap the correct sequence)

  10. Move the careless passengers below the yellow line

  11. Connect to all the balloons to avoid the guy from moving to the track
  12. Stop the blood (Hold the finger over every hold)

  13. Don't press the Red Button
  14. Spill the mustard according to the track
  15. Duck the bear attack

In the "Dumb Ways to Die" game, the graphics are simple. The sound effects and musics are indeed reminding me of those flash games in the 90s. Yet, I find this game really ridiculously funny. The game difficulty increases with time (the pace of the music will get faster as well). Throughout the 15 mini games, I find the 'Defense your private part' quite challenging, especially when the piranhas come in groups, I always lose a life. More often than not, practice makes perfect. For example, you will realize that the game "Remove the fork" could be easily completed if you start moving the 'bottom part' of the fork first.

The higher score you reach, the more characters you would be able to unlock. But how many characters in total to unlock? I am not quite sure. But it is probably more than 15.

My current high score in the "Dumb Ways to Die" game reaches 3000+. How about yours?

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