Sunday, August 24, 2014

Word Shift: Spell Skills Game Walkthrough

OK. Time to brush up your English Vocabulary, with this Word Shift: Spell Skills Game.

The objective of the Word Shift game, is to 'swift' the letter of a random shuffled word in order to make it becomes a valid English Vocab.

Within 2 minutes, the more and the faster you form the English words, the higher scores you will be rewarded.

I personally quite favor this Word Shift game, as the game play is simply "Drag and Drop". In each word puzzle, you are only allowed to make a single shift within 10 seconds. Interestingly, there are hints displayed below when the time is going to run out.

To achieve a higher score in this Word Shift game, it is critical to make a high winning streak. From observation, the scoring system is as below:

  • The score obtained after solving a puzzle depends on your current winning streak.
  • The base score is 20+. 
  • Each additional winning streak will give you an extra 10 scores.
  • For example, if you have reached a 5 winning streak (Answer 5 word puzzles consecutively). You will be awarded a score of 20+, along with the bonus 50 scores in the next correct puzzle.
That is to say, the potential HIGHEST score for this Word Shift Game can be approximated. (so that you will understand how far you have reached)
Assume that you consume 3 seconds for a word puzzle ( and you make it correctly) on an average, within 2 minutes, there are a total of 40 words guessed correctly. How much scores would you obtain after achieving a 40 winning streak?

With a simple arithmetic calculation, the scores rewarded will reach about 9000! Now see how far I have reached...

Lol. Still, not even closed. :p
How far have you achieved?

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