Thursday, August 14, 2014

Metal Slug Defense Wi-Fi VS (PvP) V1.5.0 Part 2

In my previous post about the Metal Slug Defense VS mode V1.5.0, I just started playing this. And then, I immediately get addicted!

After salvaging about 60+ winnings from this mode, here summarizes my experience:

What is the BEST combination of troops to play in this Metal Slug Defense Wi-Fi mode?
Although it is true that the units of higher costs (eg: Jupiter King) are stronger in general, they are more useful during the late game. Meaning, the units of medium costs do play an important role in the beginning as well. For example: Hopper Mecha, Ralf, Leona, Trevor, Flying Tara and Samurai Tank (You may use others). Only with a great early play you can sustain longer enough in order to use the more powerful units. Furthermore, I strongly suggest not using the basic units (or weaker units) of the Metal Slug Defense game. The reason is they not only serve nothing, but also help feeding your opponents.

Teammate is critical
I couldn't agree more with this fact. More often that not, your teammate determines how far you can go in the "2 VS 2" mode of Metal Slug Defense(lol). This makes sense. It is a team play! You may defeat a much higher ranking opponent as long as your troops and your game play match perfectly with your teammates'. Defend first? Strike first? Hopper Mecha first? Sandbag first? Similarly, you may be defeated by a candidate (of lower ranks) if you are unfortunately matched with a poorer player. Either way, it adds more variations into the game play! And that's the fun!

Don't give up until the game is over
As mentioned, the variations in the Metal Slug Defense Wi-Fi (2 on 2) are simply too much. There are a number of times I thought I was losing, but turned the table afterwards. The fact is, it is NOT OVER yet although you have been cornered to your portal (or vice versa). Before ensuring that the portal is destroyed, don't stop your fingers! Keep summoning troops, activating soldiers' skill and tapping the Metal Slug Attack whenever possible! The results would be different if you (and hopefully your teammate) are determined enough to make a counter attack.

Note: You still earn some scores even if you lose the game

Losing a game still earn something
In the Metal Slug Defense Wi-Fi (2 VS 2) mode, you will be rewarded 3 Medals after winning 5 games. However, even though if you lose, you still earn some scores which will reward you 3 Medals like the one you experience in the 1 VS 1 mode. Hence, to conclude, no matter you win or lose, you still accumulate something to earn the Medals finally. As a stingy player like me, this is the approach I choose in order to obtain more Medals.

Close Rank VS All Ranks
Generally, at the beginning, choosing the "Close Rank" in the Metal Slug Defense Wi-Fi mode gives you a higher chance of winning. However, it also means that you may take longer to be matched. In my opinion, as long as you have a solid combination of troop (for eg: Elephant Slugs, Allen O'Neil, etc together with those mentioned above), you may choose "Fight All Ranks" instead. Be ready to face the opponents from all over the world! :)

Is it a truly MMO (Massive Multiplayer Online)?
Last but not least, this is my curiosity about the Metal Slug Defense Wi-Fi mode - is it truly a MMO feature? I do not deny that we are sometimes matched with the real time players. Just, I am wondering, how do they handle if the opponents are disconnected during the battle. Not sure if you observe this scenario. There are a couple of times I heard soldiers make a 'death scream' before the game starts. Is it a signal that someone is disconnected? However, sometimes even though I observe this, the opponents are still very tough to tackle with. Does the Metal Slug Defense introduce some 'Artificial Intelligence' for the disconnected players?

Anyway, in short, this Metal Slug Defense has been listed as one of my top favorite games. :)

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