Thursday, August 28, 2014

Metal Slug Defense New Missions V1.6.0

In the V1.6.0 of the Metal Slug Defense, five more missions are added. A reward of 15 Medals would be obtained after you have completed them. Blow shows my game play experience:

Mission 21: Withstand for 60 seconds.

The objective of this mission, is to tell that the Hazmat Soldier could throw the grenade at a much further distance away. Note that in the second picture, there's the optimum position that you start hurling the grenades at the enemy zombies (keep hurling before the time of the special item runs out). When sensing some zombies approaching, you may stop activating the skill so that the Hazmat soldier could attack them. The zombies may approach soon but as long as you could withstand until the cool-down of Metal Slug Attack is complete, it would be an easy win.

Mission 22: Withstand for 40 seconds

In this mission, we learn that the skill of the Special Force could help reduce the damage from the suicidal attack effectively. At the beginning, it is important to make sure that the Special Force keeps throwing the destructive mines on the grounds. Those mines could stop both the attacks from the subways and the enemy special force (riders).  And don't forget to summon your riders as well.

Mission 23: Destroy "Tetsuyuki"

The skill of the Special Force (Rider) is displayed in this mission. Particularly, you have to get used to the timing of the boss's attack("Tetsuyuki"). First, summon two Special Force riders. If you activate the skills on time, you may be able to launch 2 suicidal attacks successfully before the boss's first attack. Then, only JUST AFTER the boss's attack, summon one each for the Flying Tara and Special Force rider. Again, activate the skill when the cool down is complete ASAP.

Mission 24:Withstand for 60 seconds

The critical part of this mission is that, the 'LV Armor' has to be summoned FIRST (before the patrol robot). Initially, upgrade the AP buildup once. Then, summon the 'LV Armor'. Since you are granted the 'gaming time' for 20 seconds, it is critical to 'kill' some enemies before the time runs out. The attack and the skill of the 'LV Armor' could help destroy some of the armies. Then, keep summoning any soldier available. As long as you could withstand the enemies until the Metal Slug Attack is charged, it would guarantee a success.

Mission 25: Destroy the enemy base within 30 seconds!

This mission... is another TOUGH mission! At first sight, you may be wondering "How could I destroy the enemy portal with only the 'Shielded soldier'?"

And then, when the game starts, the enemies approach your base aggressively. It seems to be a hilarious mission. However, after a number of trials and errors, I found that this mission is complete-able.
  • First, to solve your puzzle: The enemy portal is 'destroy-able' with a single strike from the Shielded Soldier. 
  • Second, the Sandbag is useless. Don't summon sandbag. 
  • Third, an accuracy of 100% is required. That is to say, despite the offensive attacks from the enemies, you have to 'defend' them with the consistently accurate timing of the skill activation (of the Shielded soldier). Precisely, it doesn't mean 'just keep tapping on the soldier'. Estimate the 'defense time' of the skill before activating it.
  • The silver bullet is the first Shielded soldier. If he dies, then you may consider another round.


  1. Oh my god the last mission is terribly hard and definitely it sucks for me, it should have more characters

    1. Exactly! I had a number of trials and errors before completing that.
      The developer wants to convey a message that the Shielded Soldier's skill is critical as well.
      One thing to mention, you may stop activating the skill after the attack of the zombie soldier. :)

  2. If we summon a shielded soldier to survive alone and died on the way, we won't have any chance to win this battle. A shielded soldier is only our hope.

    1. Ya. The entire mission depends on the first single Shielded soldier. It is good to know though. The Shielded soldier, although not as strong as the Leona, he is able to dodge some critical attacks if the skill is activated accurately.