Thursday, August 21, 2014

Swing Copters Walkthrough

Yes, the irritating game by the Flappy Bird creator Dong Nguyen again - Swing Copters

*Note: Please make sure you are downloading the correct 'Swing Copters' game from the play store (to have an 'Original game play experience'). There is a copycat stealing and uploading the game again with exactly the same images. The original version is "Swing Copters", NOT "Copters Swing"!

Alright, the objective of the Copters Swing, is to consistently avoid the obstacles in your vertical navigation path (upwards).  The score obtained is similar to the Flappy Bird, one score per steel bar avoided. What adds to the difficulty is that, there are hanging and swinging barriers!

Ok. Here's my game experience. I gained a high score of "1" after the first ten rounds. And... never make it to "2" after playing another twenty rounds...

It may be subjective, but this game is definitely not my cup of tea. Part of the reasons is that I suspect the 'incremental speed' of the copters are not consistent in my phone (lag several times). Perhaps it would behave better on the other phones. OR maybe I am just too lousy for this. At the same time, I am really looking forward to videos showing some examples of how to play this Swing Copters professionally. Have you tried this out?

*Below shows an example of my game play... of the FAKE Swing Copters game (which is much easier).

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