Saturday, December 20, 2014

Metal Slug Defense V1.14.0 - New Missions, New Areas, New Units.

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It has been a while since i last posted about the Metal Slug Defense. Here is a big come back.

Again, i am really impressed. Metal Slug Defense has been updating the games consistently throughout the last few months. Together with the V1.12.0, V1.13.0, let's have a look at how much this game has evolved.

New Maps with New Areas.
To avoid confusion, i mean the 5th Map - The map with a gold/yellowish background. At the time of writing, it includes the areas below:
  1. German
  2. Russian Far East
  3. Mexico - Ocean Of Trees
  4. Brazil - Air Base
  5. Alaska
  6. Nepal
  7. Hong Kong
  8. Canada Northern
The last two (Hong Kong and Canada Northen) are introduced in the V1.14.0. If you are asking 'how to overcome them?' Then, as usual, i would say as long as you have 'rescued all the POWS', upgraded everything (HOME and UNIT), these stages are easy-peasy.

New upgrades
I am not sure if this is the feature of V1.14.0, but i am sure this is only available in one of the latest updates.  Every unit is now upgrade-able to the Level 30! (compared to Level 20 before). Not only that, the upgrades can be performed by the MSP Or Medals! I am happy to see this coming. Before this, I did complain about the MSP overflow issue. And the developers seem to take this into the consideration. Basically, those MSP can be consumed (500,000 for the upgrade to Level 25 and 1,000,000 to unlock the level to the Level 30). My 30 Millions MSP can now be reduced to lesser than 10 Millions. Good job the SNK Playmore Metal Slug Defense Developers!

New Units
The Metal Slug Defense has undergone a number of new updates with new Units added. Here's a brief list of the new units added:
  • Winter Solders Pack
  • Christmas Pack (bear, snowman, etc)
  • Smasher, Crab-Tank and Vanguard
I personally think that those added units are only meant for new Game Play experiences. Speaking of 'New Powerful Units'? Hm... I still prefer Leona, Clark, Donald Morden, Morden Robot, etc...

New Missions
At the time of writing (Metal Slug Defense V1.14.0), there are a total of 65 New Missions. The newly added Missions are not a big deal. Just in case you have some doubts, feel free to air and share here.
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How to curb the spammed blogspot contents issue?

I am upset. Little has been done by blogspot to overcome the spammy sites.

Blogspot is a free platform to write and post our contents. But it has been abused, and it has been taking place all the while.

One of the reasons that i update my post lesser is that, I notice my blogspot contents have been stolen by other blogspot sites, almost instantaneously after i have posted them. Meaning, it has been done by a script. Someone has somehow been able to detect my new posted contents and immediately grab them automatically, verbatim!

What is even more irritating is that, the search engine is oblivious to this evil jerks, and they outrank the original sites like us.

I did report to the blogspot. But no action is taken.

So it seems that we the original content producers have to figure out a way to tackle such a ridiculous issue.

Here's a way:
  • Use javascript to show/hide your contents

Usually, the spammers steal the contents inside a specific HTML tag only - words and images. What i find out is that, their scripts won't be able to detect the logic inside the additional javascripts added.

I made several experiments in my previous posts. One is to hide the original contents by default (with css), and then they are only 're-displayed' at the end of the javascript added myself. It works. The spammer site is unable to show the content, except the title stolen.

With this understanding, you can basically do whatever you want inside the javascript. For example, show a foolish message in the HTML, and mask it later. From the perspective of the normal web surfers, they won't see a difference. But the stupid spammer would have that annoying texts added into their posts.

So far everything is going well. But the drawback is that, it doesn't work well with the SEO. Since you originally hide the contents, the search engines might be at first under the impression that you have no contents - which makes them index your page at a slower pace. To some extent, this is a critical issue. You defeat a robotic spammer, but you might still face the risk of being spammed by the normal thieves who copy and paste your contents with the keyboard.

So, what should we do, or what can be done by us at this point? sigh...

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Buff Knight: What is the best combinations of artifacts?

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Perhaps I am missing some points in my previous post - how to play the endless mode of Buff Knight.

Right, the main idea is to use the Juggling. But the attack by juggling alone won't get you any further without the best combinations of the artifacts equipped.

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Here's my recommended choice of artifacts for playing the Buff Knight's endless mode:

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  • Ring of Health (Lvl. 10) - 23% chance to recover 28% health when monster is killed

  • Spell Book of Recluse (Lvl. 10) - 28% chance for magic attack to cost 0 mana.

  • Spell Book of Destroyer (Lvl. 10) - 28% chance for 5 magic attacks without mana.
There you go, the first artifact - Ring of Health serves like a HP Potion. This is critical. And the fact is, the more monsters you killed, the more HP you gained. That seriously saves you LOTS of HP potions.

The second and third artifacts achieve almost the same purposes - using the magic attack to send the enemies flying. Again, the juggling method can only work if the enemies are in the air. The magic attack adds more chances in making the enemies bounce back. When this happens, make sure your fingers are ready for tapping unstoppably. Apart from that, usually the magic casts cause more damage. More often than not, the enemies (including the bosses) would disintegrate when struck by the magic casts (which is generated by the Spell Book of Destroyer).

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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Buff Knight - How to play the Endless Mode?