Friday, November 14, 2014

Buff Knight! A simple yet addictive RPG game!

The game by a 1 man studio - Buff Knight!
Seriously, I am immediately attracted by this old day look RPG game - the character, the equipments, the fonts, gems, etc, they look exactly the same like the old Flash Games.

The 'objective' of the Buff Knight game, is to make your Knight stronger and tougher through unlocking a number of artifacts.

There are 2 modes available - Story Mode and Endless Mode. In the former mode, there isn't a need to worry about the death of the knight. You will be re-spawned infinitely. Before fighting the dinosaur boss, you have the freedom to customize, upgrade and equip your Knight. After defeating it, you may obtain an artifact.

A number of upgrades are available in the game Buff Knight:
  • Increase Melee attack
  • Increase Critical attack (dexterity)
  • Increase Magic attack
  • Increase Hit Point
  • Equipment Weapon
  • Equipment Helmet
  • Equipment Armor
  • Equipment Shield
  • Equipment Glove
  • Equipment Boot
The first 4 stats are upgraded through the diamonds, while the equipments are enhanced with the Gold.

One interesting point is that, the equipment can be Enchanted. That adds more variations into the game play.

As a developer, there is something impressing me - the gradual increase of the difficulty level. The Buff Knight is simple in terms of game design - a knight runs infinitely and fight with the infinite enemies (which breed like cockroaches). However, the game developer is able to raise the difficulty level (enemies approaching) at a normal pace, such that we won't feel it is too easy or the other way round.

One thing for sure, I will spend a couple of days to explore this game for more details.

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