Sunday, November 9, 2014

Metal Slug Defense V1.11.0 New Map - German and Russian Far East

To sum up, this is the 5th map of the Metal Slug Defense V1.11.0 (the second special map).

The first 2 areas appear - German and Russian Far East

Honestly, with all the HOME and UNITS upgraded to the Max, these 2 new areas are not that challenging. In fact, i only summon the first 5 units in my deck - Leona, Clark, Ralf, Flying Tara and Morden Robot.

The good news is, after completing each area, 15 Medals are rewarded. Together with the Rank 'S' awards, basically you will gain 36 Medals with this new updated map. :)

Anyway, I really look forward for more areas and challenges coming soon.

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