Sunday, November 9, 2014

Metal Slug Defense V1.11.0 New Missions 46-50

In the Metal Slug Defense V1.11.0, 5 more missions are added (46th-50th). As usual, 15 medals are rewarded after the completion.

Mission 46

There is a new unit introduced. But basically i just use the Shielded soldier. After upgrading the AP speed once, you may just summon the Shield soldier. Beware the attacks coming from beneath the bridge. As long as you activate the Shielded soldier's skill on time, with only 2 of them, you can defeat this mission easily.

Mission 47

The idea of this mission, is to show that the Shielded soldier and the sandbag play a critical role in avoiding some critical attacks while giving some buffer to allow more soldiers summoned. Once you manage to defend some of the zombie attacks at the beginning, you will have more soldiers to advance to the enemy's portal.

Mission 48

Always, when dealing with the Huge Hermit, the best strategy is - accumulate as much soldiers as possible to attack the Huge Hermit at the same time. There is one well-known weakness of this giant creature - it gets slow down when being hit continuously. The good thing is, all the soldiers in the mission have a fast production rate. Summon them as much as possible~

Mission 49

In this mission, the Big SHIEE is paralyzed for 20 seconds at the beginning. Again, just summon as much soldiers as possible. Not sure what is the message that the developers are trying to convey but it is true that this mission is another easy one.

Mission 50

A new boss is coming. But this mission isn't hard though. Again, my favorite Leona is the first to summon. Her skill could help sustain more attacks from the enemy. Then, the Ralf and Clark follow by. Simply activate their skills as usual. The mission could be completed within 40 seconds.

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