Sunday, October 26, 2014

Metal Slug Defense V1.10.1 New Missions 41-45

The Metal Slug Defense V1.10.1 comes with new Halloween Missions - 41st-45th. Relatively, I found these missions are easier to complete. A total of 15 Medals would be rewarded in the end.

Mission 41
The important part of this mission, is to strike and kill the Snail AFTER they have activated the 'skill'. Precisely, activate the Leona's skill after the snail comes out from the shell. At the same time, summon the first two units to aid from the back. It shouldn't be a problem to defeat the stage within 40 seconds.

Mission 42
Here, both the Clone ERI and the Ralf play important roles. The former kills the flying bats and the hanging mummy easily, while the latter pushes forward easily with his skill. It only takes 30 seconds to complete this stage.

Mission 43
The critical part of this mission, is to build the Sandbag ahead of any other units. Meanwhile, the other units are constructed closed to one another just in front of your own portal. Activate the skills whenever possible. After you can sustain until the Metal Slug Defense Attack is fully charged, it would be an easy win.

Mission 44
The Huge Hermit is stoppable though 'consistent' attacks. The item of "Attack Fever" is to be stressed here. Activate the skills of Samurai Tank and Samurai Infantry before the Attack Fever is running out. Then, just play as usual.

Mission 45
The last mission is an easy one. Just summon as much units as possible + activate their skills. It just opens our eyes to the new Halloween units. :)

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