Sunday, October 26, 2014

Metal Slug Defense V1.10.1 - More Medals rewarded!

Impressive! That's the words I can say to the latest update of Metal Slug Defense V1.10.1.

Apart from the New Missions 41-45, there is one more exciting news: More Medals are rewarded!

First, the SNK developer provides 150 Medals for everyone in this update - to celebrate for the total of 15 Millions downloads.

Not only that, now you will gain a bonus of 3 Medals for 'every' area completed with a Rank S. Meaning, to sum up - 3 Worlds * (12 normal areas + 4 Emergency Areas) + 1 Special World (9 normal areas + 7 Emergency Areas), you will eventually obtain a total of 192 Medals! (64 area * 3 Medals/area)

Now, adding the 192 Medals with the 150 Medals, the figure is 342! (it is enough to purchase a Jupiter King!)

Good Job SNK Developer! Now I can unleash the powers of more units in the Metal Slug Defense Wi-Fi Mode ! :)

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