Thursday, October 9, 2014

Metal Slug Defense New Missions (36th - 40th) V1.9.0

Five more New Missions added in the Metal Slug Defense V1.9.0 - 36th to 40th

Mission 36
In this Mission, i think the message is, the Special Force (the enemy rider) could be stopped if he gets assaulted at the correct timing. Here, provided the Attack Fever, you should be able to keep activating the skills of the Marco and Tarma till the last moment. By stopping several attacks from the Special Force, your armies would reach the enemy portal easily.

Mission 37
Here, i suggest summoning both Ralf and Leona at the same time. Then, activate the Leona's skill to crush the enemy tank. Just play as usual and this mission would be an easy win.

Mission 38
This Mission introduces the new units (Marco Monkey, Fio Monkey, Trevor Monkey and Nadia Monkey) in the version V1.9.0. But the important point here is that, the climbing Trevor Monkey and Nadia Monkey are actually playing the main roles here. They successfully bypass the obstacles and the ground enemies. Meanwhile, they could attack the ground units and the portal through their skills.

Mission 39
This Mission is indeed interesting. The Marco Monkey and Fio Monkey come with a special feature - dodging. Meaning, these monkeys tend to 'dodge' after striking, effectively minimizing the damage incurred from the Dragon Nosuke.

But in order to allow them performing this 'dodging', you should resist yourself from tapping their skills - throwing a grenade. With this understanding, it isn't hard to complete this mission.

Mission 40
Again, the skill of Leona is to be emphasized - Critical Counter Attack that nullifies the opponent's. Just activate the skill on time before the Morden Robot explodes until she reaches the enemy's portal. (The sandbag is redundant)

Finally, Hooray! 15 Medals are rewarded!

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