Sunday, October 26, 2014

Say NO to spammers!

I HATE spammers!

It reminds me of how my life has been f*cked over the last 3 years.

I was promised a potential project about gaming sites and forums, such that I could give up my existing job. It was the first turning point of my life.

Then, without any income, I contributed ideas, contents and efforts for more than 5 months.

It isn't totally fruitless. But the so-called 'partners' claimed that it is not going to work. A lot of excuses such as "Your domain isn't appropriate", "Your contents are not interesting...". I was undermined.

However, just when I was looking for a new job, it comes a hilarious incident - The so-called 'partners' established a ridiculously spammy gaming forum, outwitting the search engines and earning millions.

Regardless of the 'originality' of the ideas, I was the stupid one excluded in the 'potential project' from the beginning. I am still owing debts and leading a miserable life.

Why i mentioned this?

Today, I am still contributing my ideas through blogs. At this stage, I know it is completely not feasible to make ends meet with this blog. But at the very least, the contents are unique. They are my original pieces of writing.

Whenever I see my contents being duplicated or abused, I feel upset. There are still ways to go for the search engines to ensure that the spammers are completely filtered.

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