Monday, October 6, 2014

Metal Slug Defense V1.8.0 World 3 POW rescue

After around 10 days of playing the Metal Slug Defense v1.8.0, I have finally rescued all the POWs, unlocking the new units (Mummy Trevor, Elite Arabian Soldier, Cybord Allen Oneil, Morden Robot and Mars People Cadre) and the enhancement.

Seriously, I am impressed. Especially in the Emergency Areas, the enemies are getting much harder than before. The most challenging one would be the North Asia N. East. Out of the 5 stages, there 3 'Expert' levels and 1 'Hell' level. You would be probably facing some troubles before being able to defeat the stages with a Rank 'S'.

In this post, particularly, I would like to add some info regarding the POW rescue. Since the update of the Metal Slug Defense v1.5.0, you may discover that the POW saving is more likely a random process. And after completing those new areas in the v1.8.0, now I could probably verify this.

Average of 7 POW rescued in 10 games

This time, I purposely do not fulfill the conditions mentioned in my previous post. Rather, I keep repeating a same stage until i completely saved all the POW. From observation, the probability is about 7 POW in 10 'Mission Complete'. I personally think that the unit attacking higher could stand a higher chance of saving POW (such as Elephant slug). Apart from that, the maximum 'items' obtained per stage could reach 7 or more. Hence, it is advise-able not to finish a game too fast, unless you have gained at least 4 items (which randomly falls down).

Use Fast Forward to boost the game speed

I would say this is the most valid method in the Metal Slug Defense for the POW rescue. Tap the Fast Forward button as soon as the game starts. You would find that it only consumes around 30s (or lesser ) per game (in real time). And that explains why i could finish the new map within a week. By the way, make sure your deck has strong armies to face the difficulties.

Prioritize the Areas

At first, it would be better to save at least 1 POW per stage in order to start unlocking the enhancement. Then, I recommend rescuing the POW in the areas which contribute better - Increase Max value of Sortie Points, increase attack power unit or increase production rate of the unit. The MSP gained is the least importance.

Saving 3 POW per game is not impossible

This is really an once-in-a-blue moon exception in the latest Metal Slug Defense update (as in the picture). Last time, i was able to save 4.

MSP is still overflowing

Thanks to the Metal Slug Defense developers, now the MSP overflow issue is still there. Just FYI,  my MSP has reached 32 Millions!

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