Monday, September 29, 2014

Metal Slug Defense V1.8.0 World 3 (Fourth Map)

Hooray! The Metal Slug Defense has another major update - World 3! (the Purple Fourth Map)

To make it clear, the MSD considers this as the "World 3" (but it is a Fourth Map if you have been following the progress of the MSD updates ). Previously, we have a third world (but that's a different map).

If you think that the stages so far are not challenging enough, then I assure you, the difficulty of the stages in the fourth World won't let you down.

New stages with New POW rescues

Be honest, I have been waiting for this for a long time. The Metal Slug Defense World 3 (Fourth Map) introduces another level of the skills upgrade, with more POW rescues than ever. And, unlike the previous version (before 1.5), this time, I have to say, the POW rescues tend to rely more on luck.

Yep, those POW are somehow being saved from the sky during the game play. (You may claim that more attacks on the sky do increase the chances of POW rescue).

9 POW in a single stage!
Either way, this Fourth Map would probably consume another month of your life (:p) in order to have all the skills unlocked and enhanced at the rate of 100%. (The most prisoners of war in a single stage could reach 9!)

It is really Hard

The enemies in the Metal Slug Defense World 3 are much much tougher than before, in the sense that now they know how to activate their skills! For example, the Rebel Infantry will throw the grenade at your units, while the tanks could launch combo attacks. One more thing, their Hit Points are upgraded too. Although I have all my best units (on the deck) upgraded to the max, sometimes those enemies do give me a lot of troubles.

New Units are introduced

The Donald Morden is the one impressed me the most (last area, last stage). He has become the Zombie Donald Morden - Morden Robot, and is still able to fight after the death.

100 Medals Award

Like in the previous two Worlds, you will be awarded another 100 Medals after completing the new World. It is challenging yet interesting. (By the way, you will also gain 10 Medals each after completing the Areas 2, 4, 6, 8 ...) Now, it is time to save the POW one by one :)

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