Thursday, September 4, 2014

Boom Beach - How to form the strongest defensive base?

Admit it. Your Boom Beach base has been raided for a number of times by some random jerks out there, regardless of in which level you are. Me, too.

The good thing about Boom Beach is that, there's a recap video of the entire base attack which is playable at different speeds for your lesson. Depending on which level you are, there is actually an article which might give you an idea of how to build your base in order to defend as much variations of the enemies attack as possible.

Of course I am NOT copying the ideas. After so many troubles of rewinding the 'Home base raided' videos, here summarizes my opinion on how to build the Boom Beach defensive base as strongest as possible (air your opinions if you find this not convincing):

1. Your headquarter is better surrounded by the defense towers

As mentioned last time, if your Headquarter is placed in front of the jungle, the enemies troop might use the flanking to reach your headquarter DIRECTLY, skipping all your defense. Hence, a better defense would be, make sure the Boom Beach Headquarter is defended in all directions (or as much as possible depending on your available towers). However, make sure the towers do not stick together as the Artillery attack would have splash damage.

2. Do not log too much

The first point above has one weakness - your economy/support buildings are exposed to attacks (which will reward your enemy some energy points). To reduce this impact, my advice is - Do not log too much in this Boom Beach game (unless you have sufficient towers to cover the entire base in the late game), such that some of the trees can serve as an obstacle to the troops such as the tanks. Precisely, I mean a lesser but strategic logging which would limit the advancement of the enemy troops. I know that Woods are important resources, but you could boost it either from the statue, or more underwater explorations.

3. Welcome your enemies with Towers

Accompanied with the first and the second points, you would be able to place your towers such that the enemy troops would deal with your towers first (as in the picture). To make sure they won't bypass the towers, a number of mines could be placed around the jungle. If you have insufficient towers for this, pick the support building with the highest HP.

4. Boost your own defense with Statues

Last but not least, create some Statues with the Ice crystals. That's one of the special features in this Boom Beach game. The statues would significantly enhance the HP of both your support buildings and the defense towers.