Monday, July 14, 2014

Metal Slug Defense Wifi VS PvP: How to form the strongest deck?

Alright, after so many POW saving rounds of the Metal Slug Defense games, it is time to go to the next level - Wifi VS PvP mode.

I am honest, I am yet to discover the 'strongest' deck in the Metal Slug Defense Games as I haven't unlocked all the units from the shop. Below only shows my current Deck. Basically fighting with the "Same Rank" is fine . But when it comes to All Ranks, there are still ways to go. This post is for open discussion and you are free to air your opinions and experiences.

1. SV-001
2. DI-Cokka
3. Samurai Tanks
4. Elephant Slug
5. Trevor
6. Leona
7. Shielded Soldier
8. Fat Eri
9. Fat Fio
10. Fat Tarma

First, I used to upgrade the AP buildup for 2 times before summoning the first soldier in the PvP mode. (You may think that this should vary depending on the distance between the portals).

Then, the Samurai Tank is my first soldier. I find that this unit is quite strong at the beginning (and the production is fast, but the attack speed is relatively slow). Immediately, it follows by either Di-Cokka or Trevor. When the enemies approach, activate the soldiers' skill whenever possible.
Note: You may wait until the AP points are enough to summon at least 2 soldiers at a time.

Next, it should be Leona and Shielded Soldier. After learning from the New Missions that avoiding the 'critical hits' are crucial in the battle, I favor Leona and Shielded Soldier, especially when they are able to minimize the damage incurred to our soldiers through their skills. HOWEVER, one discouraging fact is that, the network latency that takes place while activating the soldier skills are sometimes annoying. You may need to tap multiple times to cast the skills. The discrepancy of around 1 second could thoroughly influence the battle flow and determine the winner. Still, if the skills are successfully activated on time, this strategy is quite useful.

By now, i would either re-summon the troops mentioned above, or the rest if the cool down is still incomplete. Hence, you may place other soldiers instead of the Fat Eri, Fat Fio and Fat Tarma as stated.  Don't forget to activate the Metal Slug Attack which could reward you some AP after killing the enemies.

That's my game play in the Metal Slug Defense Wifi PvP. How about yours?
If you think that your deck is much stronger than mine, share us yours! ;)

Note: You may obtain Medals after winning the games in the Metal Slug Defense Wifi PvP!


  1. I'm boring to meet all the time the same units: Jupiter King, big faggot, Iraki warrios, big snail, with those unit no one can win, due the OP factor :(.

    1. I understand your feeling...
      Can't deny that those who have more medals (through purchase or sth) would be able to have a more powerful troops.

      If you are the one who doesn't spend money on this game (like me), probably what you can do, is to create a group that would be able to finish the game ASAP.

      Although those high AP cost units are powerful, they are more significant in the late game. Hence, what we can do is to somehow have a optimum early game play. (summon cost effective units while decrease casualties to reduce the AP gain for the opponent)

      maybe the SNK developer should have a variation in the WiFi VS mode (eg: limit those powerful units). lol

  2. Im getting bored by those units too. But i think that's the objective of a freemiun game like MSD - put you into unbalanced battles to force you by itens/units