Monday, July 28, 2014

FFFFF2P Game Walkthrough

FFFFF2P - a ridiculously simple and fast-paced game.

Nothing much to mention here. As seen in the UI above, in the FFFFF2P game, you have to avoid the obstacles 'ads' dropped by the evil cloud (which takes away your princess). At the same time, you got to stomp(crush) the obstacles in order to earn money.

The first time I played this FFFFF2P game, it was like what the 'fffff'? What's the objective of this game? Then, a glance through the store reveals the answer, as shown below:

Apart from the items that could boosts the game play (increase coins value (diamond, ruby, dime,etc) or Castle Upgrade), the ultimate item is "BEAT THE GAME"! With the expense of "1000000 coins" or $2.99, you can immediately save the princess and beat the game!

This FFFFF2P is just ridiculous. Although I have trained myself to earn about 150+ coins per game, i think it is time to stop.

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