Wednesday, July 16, 2014

King's League: Odyssey Walkthrough

The game - King's League: Odyssey. This is supposed to be a paid game, on both iOS and Android.

But fret not. You may play this light King's League: Odyssey on the web as well. Although it might have lesser features than those in the premium mobile version, it at least gives you some ideas of the game play.

Basically, it is to ultimately form a group of 5 units in order to succeed the King of Kurestal Kingdom by defeating his army. But before that, you have to undergo the challenges by the other candidates. Only after you have topped the battle scores at the end of the year, you are able to challenge the King.

Let me go straight to the point. In the Web Flash version of the King's League, I finished the game in less than 2 hours. And the crucial point of this game is - Recruit the strongest unit as soon as possible!

From my observation, this is supposed to be the game flow:
  1. Complete Quests to earn money and resources
  2. Upgrade your troops to conquer other bases
  3. Recruit stronger troops in order to face tougher enemies
  4. Repeat 1-3 until you top the rank and challenge the King

The funny thing is that, during the game play, at one point, I have reached an extent that I couldn't conquer the enemy base anymore due to the lack of upgrades. Yet, the upgrades need money. But the money has gone deficit due to the 'maintenance' of the existing troops! What does this mean? Despite the facts that you earn some income every year, those money has been 'compensated' to clear your debt! LOL

I was thinking this is GAME OVER for the King's League: Odyssey. However, luckily I managed to top the League rank after shuffling the troops. (Being ranked as the first still doesn't mean the debt can be cleared. The monthly income depends on how much bases you have conquered.) Then, I am able to challenge the King.

What I find out is that, although you lose the fight to the King, you are still able to earn the 'Battle Point' which is critical to raise the Level of the troops. So? The next thing to do is to spam the battles with the King. Earn as much Battle Point as possible and level up the troops to the maximum level (it is 5 in the Flash version). With this, you would be able to have higher a chance of defeating the King.

One more point to mention in this King's League: Odyssey, among the 5 soldiers, it is of utmost importance to have 1 healer unit. In my case, there are 4 strikers (either Knights or Infantries) + 1 healer. With this, even though your troops are weaker than the King's army, the healer could serve as an crucial reinforcement at the back.

Although i only conquered only 4 territories (losing more battles), i am still able to complete the game.

I justified my statement through playing the second time. :)

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