Thursday, July 31, 2014

Shadow Fighter 2 Walkthrough

Shadow Fighter 2 - an arcade game that involves 'shadows' fighting. lol

Like the King of Fighters or the Street Fighters games, in the Shadow Fighter 2, you are provided an onscreen joystick with a punch + a kick for the game play (but only 1 type of attack, without the selections such as 'light punch', 'medium punch', 'heavy punch'...). But the difference is that, you are now able to buy equipments to boost your character - Attacks points and Hit points. Only after you have equipped with those weapons you would learn the special moves. Apart from that, the higher level you reach, the more movements can be unlocked.

The mission of the Shadow Fighter 2 is - Win the Tournament (defeat 24 opponents) + Defeat the Lynx, Hermit, Butcher, Wasp, Widow and Shogun.

Here's my experience after playing this game:

Various Equipments and Movement

Weapons: Knives, Knuckles, Sai, Steel Batons, Ninja Sword, Machetes, The Sting, Daggers, Blood Reaper
Body: Robe, Old Leather Jacket, Kendo Breastplate, Riveted Jacket, Red Doublet, Fury Carapace, Leather Jacket, Snake Harness
Helmet: Light Helm, Kendo Mask, Conical Hat, Soldier's Kabuto, Sacral Mask
Ranged Weapons (unlocked after defeating Lynx)
Magic (unlocked after defeating Hermit)

*Note: You can upgrade your weapons as well!

The movements vary depending on your weapons equipped. You can go through it in the list. (eg: Uppercut, Axe Kick, Spinning Step Kick, Forward Throw, etc)

Head Attack is critical

If you are able aim at the opponent's head, the damage incurred is significantly higher than the other body parts (this certainly makes sense in the reality). That's the reason you have the 'Helmet' as the special equipment to protect your head (to reduce the damage). Realizing this, I prefer using the attack 'Move forward + Punch + Punch' (Knuckles Super Slash if you are using knuckles) to strike from the top to the bottom (stand a higher chance of hitting the opponents' head).

Different Metrics that increase the Coins earned

  • Win
  • Perfect (Win with max Hit points)
  • First Strike
  • Max Combo
  • Shock
  • Hard Style

If you can achieve these metrics in your game play, you would be able to earn more coins for the purchase of the equipments. Specifically, 'Shock' and 'Hard Style' are rather random. From observations, it seems to work if you hit the opponent at the correct timing (when he is trying to attack).

Survival Mode as the practice and training

When you keep losing in the beginning of the Shadow Fighter 2 game, you will be able to unlock the "Survival Mode". This mode will provide you a good training in order to gain more coins for the weapon upgrades. Each ninja that you defeat in this mode will earn you 30 Coins. Together with the other metrics, the challenge of the Survival Mode would serve as the crucial approach to enhance your character before facing tougher opponents.


  1. Bro, I get only lynx's bodyguard brick. With experience 110/150 I cannot proceed.. neither can I defeat brick nor do I get any survival mode. If you have a solution please mail me :)

    1. OH MI GOSH YES! I'm still at 110/150 and on level one and cannot level up no matter how many times I challenge Brick and fail miserably. I can't beat Brick unless I'm level 2 and get a better weapon maybe? And I have no idea of what the survival mode is or where I can find it. Any help would be great

    2. Hi guys. I did encounter the similar situations like yours before.

      What i believe is, "IF you lose too many times", the survival mode will appear! (I know this sounds strange but last time i didn't remember any special thing that triggers the unlock of the survival mode).

      You may try losing for a few more times and see whether the survival mode will appear or not. Meanwhile, i would try experimenting on other devices.

  2. Haha.. thanks Edward for ur advice.. I too think thats the way coz I see nothing else..

  3. Facing boss wasps... upgrade your armours and enemy attack will be less danderous

    1. I agree that the upgrading the armor and the weapon is so critical. If it states it is an 'impossible' match, then mostly probably your challenge is gonna be futile in the end - the opponent somehow imposes much much more damage.

  4. Hi there, I am getting notifications saying someone challenges u in dual mode and when I open the app, I can see the numbers next to my name. I dont know how to open the challenges. I am using s4. Help me plz.

    1. Hm... First i am not sure if the Dual Mode is a real-time challenge or not. When i challenge other players, usually it enters game instantaneously.

      I haven't encountered the situation you faced. AFAIK, it is play-able once in 4 hours. Maybe you can enter the game after 4 hours?

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  6. How to beat shogun? Everything is at lvl 36

  7. How to beat shogun? Everything is at lvl 36

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  10. I defeated lynx but I didn't get ranged weapons please if you have any solution for this please reply me

  11. Thanks for the post and great tips..even I also think that hard work is the most important aspect of getting success..