Thursday, July 24, 2014

Nuts! Game Walkthrough

Ok. I LOVE this game - Nuts!

It is an action game like the Temple Run or the Subway Surfer. But Nuts! brings it the next level - Climbing instead of running, and you can navigate around the whole trunk.

The Objective - Save the Picnic

This Nuts! Game comes with a story. The lovely squirrel couple has their picnic container stolen by the Eagle. In order to save those items, the squirrel has to climb up the tree chasing after the eagle. There are 10 items in total (each appears randomly in every round of the Nuts! game). After collecting all the missing items, you would be able to unlock another purple squirrel. (by the way, it is just another different color squirrel (Miranda). Nothing much special. lol) During the adventures, you have to avoid the obstacle branches.

Different Boosts to enhance the game play

At the moment, there are 6 items in the Nuts! game for the upgrade - Red Fireball, Green Fireball, Blue Fireball, Coins, Shield, Hearts (life).

From observation, all the fireballs (the fire Nuts) are meant for sprinting forward with a power shield (such that you can break through all the obstacle branches). Blue Fireball lasts the longest! (and hence, more coins are needed for the further upgrade).

Coins - Unlock Green coins (worth two), Blue coins (worth five) and Gold coins (worth ten). In my opinion, it is crucial to unlock at least to Blue coins at the beginning, such that you will gain more in your subsequent game plays.

Shield - A powerful spell that will save you from being hit by the branch.

Hearts - You can upgrade up to 6 lives per game.

Different Zones on a single tree

To add more variations into the game play of the Nuts!, the developer adds various Zones which present different challenges. First, the leaf-less spiky branch zone. You may take this opportunity to complete the quests of "Climb xx meters without picking up a coin" as the paths of this zone is usually either 'full of coins' or 'none'.

Next, the icy winter zone. Here, you have to avoid the the icy surface as it is too slippery for the climb (which makes the squirrel buffer a while before changing directions).

Addictive Game Play

As soon as i started playing this Nuts! game, I couldn't stop playing it until I have unlocked the purple squirrel (collected 10 items) and have obtained 30+ achievements.

At the moment, there are a total of 44 achievements (only). I hope more will be added soon :)

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