Monday, July 28, 2014

Grabbity Game Walkthrough

 Grabbity - a platform game based on the Gravity and the Rabbit! lol

At the time of writing, there are 7 Worlds with more than 60 levels to conquer in the Grabbity game. However, in order to play the puzzles in the subsequent Worlds, you have to collect sufficient 'Grabbity' coins throughout the game play. Currently i have reached 40+ levels. Here's my opinion on this Grabbity game so far:

Amazing Game Control

In the Grabbity, the 'rabbit' can be controlled in all angles and directions! There is no button on the screen (except the pause one). The objective of the game, is to lead the rabbit to the 'Green exit door' through puzzle solving. Sometimes you may need to turn the device for more than 180 degrees in order to navigate in the maze with the optimum speeds. However, note that the rabbit cannot withstand the fall from a very high position.

Game Puzzles vary

Avoid the spikes and electric shock, kill the enemies, unlock the obstacles, etc. The puzzles introduced in this game vary in each world. It may overlap, but the game play is always refreshing. One thing to add on is that, there is a 'grab' ability (tap and hold). This game control is critical in most of the levels in the Grabbity game.

Three Metrics

a) Level Complete
b) All Grabbity Coins collected
b) Best Time Challenge
Each level in the Grabbity has at least 3 metrics. In some levels, there is an additional star coin to be collected. The challenging part is usually how to fulfill all these metrics at the same time. Trials and errors are inevitable.

To summarize, with great graphics, the Grabbity game certainly deserves a try.

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