Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Timberman Walkthrough

Timberman - a game that mimics the style of the Flappy Bird game - pixelated images and simple game play that challenges your accuracy and consistency.

The game play of the Timberman is straightforward. You are either tapping the left or right side of your screen in order to move the timberman. Each tap makes a chop. If there is a branch above the timberman when you tap, it will crush your timberman and it is game over!

The number of chops (taps) will determine your achievement in this Timberman game. When the game begins, a clock is ticking as well. The good thing is that, the more you chop, the more time you gain. Of course, the level keeps increasing and the countdown speed is proportionally raised.

Here, the accuracy and the consistency of tapping speed is undoubtedly a critical factor to your high score. Practice makes perfect. Once you are getting used to the 'distance between the branch and the timberman's head', you will be able to estimate how much taps required before you change to the another side.

To add more 'variations' in the Timberman game, the developer has created various appearances of the timberman which can be unlocked either through your performance or the total number of chops. This is what i think is a crucial enhancement compared to the Flappy Bird game. Why? the more we play, the more advantages we obtain. (just like an RPG game).

I wish this Timberman can be as successful and viral as the Flappy Bird game. How do you think?

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