Monday, May 19, 2014

Metal Slug Defense Walkthrough

Metal Slug Defense - another FREE interesting mobile game is now available on both Android and iOS.

Guess everyone from the 80s and 90s is familiar with the name Metal Slug, as it has appeared in not only PlayStation, but also PC subsequently with multiple versions and series. The game play is fun and impressive, despite with only 2D graphics.

Here, Metal Slug Defense is another Metal Slug game, with some modifications. Overall, it is a strategic defense game like Brave Heroes in my previous walkthrough post. This time, you are not controlling the solo character. Instead, you are going to summon the units tactfully to destroy the enemies tower. The more stages you clear, the more unit types you will unlock.

Currently, here are the stages(and areas) that i have cleared in the Metal Slug Defense:

1. Southeast Asia (4/4 stages)
2. East Asia (4/4 stages)
3. Africa (4/4 stages)
4. Central Asia (4/4 stages)
5. DR Moureau's Island (5/5 stages)
6. Oceania (4/4 stages)
7. North American Southern (4/4 stages)
8. South America (5/5 stages)
9. North Asia (5/5 stages)
10. South Africa (4/4 stages)
11. Western Europe (3/3 stages)
12. (Final) North American Northern (4/4 stages)
13. (Emergency) West Asia (4/4 stages)
14. Currently, there are 2 Complete World Maps + 1 Map (only 2 areas)

 When will the Emergency Areas be unlocked?

Emergency Areas Start at 12pm, 6pm and 10pm daily. Each time it lasts for 1 hour. So, if you start playing at 12.15pm, you would have 45 minutes left. Save more sorties points before the Emergency Areas are opened.

Basically, it isn't hard to defeat the enemies as you are able to upgrade each unit character through the "Home Customize" and "Unit Customize" option. More often than not, if you can't pass through a certain stage, you may just farm through the previous stages to obtain more MSP for the unit upgrade purposes.

Everything is clear until one thing - POW (Prisoners of War). The POW is the main variation of the Metal Slug Defense Game. According to the statement from the game, you "might" be able rescue the POW. It doesn't display clearly how exactly we are able to rescue them. This intrigues us: "How to assure that we can rescue the POW prisoners in each stage?"

From observation so far, I couldn't have a firm stand on this. But as experimented, it seems that every stage might have different 'condition' before you are able to rescue POW. For example, in the stage 1 of Southeast Asia, you can't rescue the prisoner (probably) if you use the bomb skill of the solder. Also, to rescue the two prisoners in the stage 4, you have to make sure there is no unit being sacrificed. Here you have 2 choices, either defeat the enemy tower before it launches the laser (which kill everyone on the path), OR you only summon the troops/units AFTER the first laser (such that you could destroy the enemy before its second launch!

The myths of "POW rescue" in the Metal Slug Defense are still under investigation. What adds to the difficulties is that i couldn't re-rescue the prisoners to confirm my statement. But most of the time, i believe the elements below might be useful as references:
  • Units variations: Maybe some stages require certain units ONLY. If you summon others, you might fail the mission.
  • Resources consumption: The lesser units you summon to defeat a stage, the higher possibility you rescue the prisoner.
  • Casualties: The lesser sacrifice of your units, the higher the chance to rescue the prisoner. Moreover, some may require the Home Tower to remain intact after the attacks.
The POW rescue is not a myth anymore. To raise the chances of saving the POWs, you may refer to those hidden conditions here. Different areas/stages have different conditions to meet with.

In case you have any idea, kindly drop some comments here.

There is something for sure, this Metal Slug Defense game is worth a try~

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  1. I've been hooked to this game for days and I've been trying really hard to rescue all the POWs... not sure if this helps but some people mentioned that the higher u raise your AP the better your chances are to saving POW... I've tried it but it doesn't seem to work in all stages... I hope you find out more soon... i know many people like me are eager to find out more on this secret conditions to rescuing them.. going to try your method now and see if it works... great job btw!

    1. Hi Hoong Yi, you have points here. Every stage might have different conditions. For example, some might require minimum casualties or minimum soldiers summoned. Here's my another post on how to rescue the POW. Just one thing for sure is that, the higher level you reach, the more likely you will rescue the POW (as you will use lesser troops or resources by that time, and defeat a stage faster). Anyway, i would like to know how it is working on your side. Thanks for your feedback~

    2. yeah i've seen that page... wanted to comment there, didn't know it ended up here.. hahaha I'm currently at world 2 stage 11... I still have no idea how I save them but each stages im mostly guaranteed to save at least 1.. its really been bugging me since I've been trying many methods and still none of it helped... I'll keep u posted if I find out anything... =D

    3. Exactly. Some of the stages in the World 2 have up to 7 prisoners to be rescued! It is really not reasonable if the developers make it random. Yet, the hidden conditions are too mysterious -.-
      Anyway, i look forward to your discovery ;)

    4. SNK should just release a few hints as to how we can could save the POWs... the final boss stage requires too much condition... its driving me nuts! on a side note though... your tactic worked for me in most stages in world 1... the part where you're not supposed to tap on the soldier's power... and I've actually tried not using the metal slug charge attack doesn't seem to work though... gonna experiment more on that..

    5. Great to hear from your side. One more potential condition - Do not upgrade the "AP buildup speed" in the combat . It sounds crazy but you may test if it works (say world 1 Area 7). If the Home unit has been upgraded sufficiently, it would be easier to try this.

  2. I wish someone would make a walkthrough for the whole lot. I've been trying to get all the prisoners from the Africa level. So far I got through stage one by not using the special power at all and I only used 2 units. In stage 2 I got both prisoners by only using one tank. I'm working on stage 3

    1. Hi Metal Slugger, have a look on my second link on How to rescue POWs? in the Metal Slug Defense. The thing is, it is difficult to verify which conditions work for each stage. You may try out the suggested first, through combinations and trials and errors. Some of the players' comments are really useful. I have cleared the World 1, and is still on the way in the World 2.

  3. The only way you can be sure to get the POW is getting the RADAR. If you don't like spending money you can root your phone and use game killer or freedom for example, the game is way too easy to hack i've found lots of hackers in pvp with all bosses lol. Search in youtube "how to root android" and after you root search for how to use freedom and game killer they are great. I already have 9999999 medals and MSCoins and i'm trying to find how to unlock all characters also. Sorry for bad english.

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  5. How did you unlock the secret areas?

    1. You mean Emergency? 12pm and 6pm timings, be sure to have a lot of sortie points. I have 490 and I juz grind on all the maps non stop.

    2. Hi, thanks for your reply.
      Precisely, it is an one-hour duration at
      12pm, 6pm and 10pm.

      Meaning, if you play the game at 12.45pm, the emergency state will only last for 15 minutes. :)

  6. The POW rescues are totally random. No need to include superstition in it, is a good way to fall under compulsion loops.

    Most useful tip: buy Trevor with the firsts 100 free medals. It's the best unit of the game.

    1. Hi, POW rescues are not thoroughly random. The chances of saving the POW could be increased significantly if you meet with the specific hidden conditions of the stages.

      Right. Trevor is one of the most awesome units in this Metal Slug Defense Game.

    2. As you describe it, this is still random. Anyways, how do you know? What's the source?
      I've finished the game in 3 days, releasing all regular/most emergency POWs in 4 (no money spent or cheat used)... I've played the same say all over the game.

    3. Addition: Especially on the new update with Emergency mission every day. Sometimes I had POW, sometimes I've had not even one on the first try, despite I played with same units and the same way. With max 490, it was enough to freed them all.

      Your development looks like skinner's pigeons behavior, something used in games to create compulsion loop, where in fact it seems to be just random. :)

    4. It would be great if you can show your 'Deck' that is able to 'consistently' save the POW in the game.

      I have no sources. All is based on observation. I agree that it might not guarantee the POW rescue. But it could significantly increase the chance.

      I may be wrong. But until the SNK shows the proof, i still believe that it isn't a completely random rescue.

    5. My deck has changed now I'm playing PvP (btw this game is full of cheaters...), but I made maybe 85% of normal POWs with mostly Trevor, Slugnoid, Hyakutaro, SV-Camel, SV-001 Experimental, Eri, Fio and Marco if my memory is good.
      POWs from last update are made with Trevor, Utan, Samuraï Tanks, Clark, SV-001, SV-001 Experimental, Allen O'Neil, Donald Morden and Flying Tarma when unlocked.

      On how many accounts are based your observations? What is your protocol to verify if your thoughts are right?

    6. Ok. Thanks for your lists for others' reference.

      Based on what?
      1. Unlike your experience, in my case, the POW can never be rescued if using the wrong conditions repeatedly.

      2. You don't need many accounts to verify this. The chance of POW saving is significantly increased if you apply different conditions on each combat. It happens on all the stages in World 1,2, and 3.

      3. I have mentioned my own ways to experiment on the other thread.

      4. Last, my opinion is that, the MSD game features unique soldiers with unique skills. It won't be a surprise if they want us to be more aware of them in order to apply different game plays, instead of just spamming with 'as much troops as possible'.

      Again, it is about the probability.

    7. "1. Unlike your experience, in my case, the POW can never be rescued if using the wrong conditions repeatedly."

      What's the maximum times you repeated something? It happens I had to retry a mission 10 times in a row to get the last POW, but that was very rare (maybe 3 or 4 times in the entire game).
      I never change the deck to try to free POWs.

      "2. You don't need many accounts to verify this. The chance of POW saving is significantly increased if you apply different conditions on each combat. It happens on all the stages in World 1,2, and 3."

      You don't need many accounts? Then how could you know if it's not a coincidence when the POW is released and if wouldn't be released if you finished the mission in an other way?

      "4. Last, my opinion is that, the MSD game features unique soldiers with unique skills. It won't be a surprise if they want us to be more aware of them in order to apply different game plays, instead of just spamming with 'as much troops as possible'."

      To me, it would be a surprise. There are 435 POW to release in the 2 "normal" maps, it would mean they'd coded 435 special hidden conditions to increase an already high percentage.

      It's a lot of work for something which had not that much impact on the game, as you still can free all of them simply by spamming as much troops as possible... :s

      The only thing I've observed on many POWs is you have a decreasing chance to free several of them at once. It's not unusual to free 2 at the same time, but 3 is very rare. And the less POW left, the less you have chance to release several at once.
      On the other hand, it's not rare to free 7 POWs in simply 5 tries.
      If there were hidden conditions and if they were met to release POWs, then they would have been released on 1 or 2 tries.

      Maybe you're right, maybe not. I'm not convinced on your procedures, sounds not really scientific but really looks like gaming superstition generated by compulsion loops (something I see everyday in my job).

      One thing is sure: You don't need to met any hidden condition (even if they exists) to free all POWs, simply with soldier spamming, and you can do it in 3-4 days. :)

    8. (Sorry for my english, it's not my native language, and there is no edit button)

    9. It is fine. Thanks for your long comments.

      1. I tried around 6+ times before but still failed, in a number of stages. That makes me think that something is not yet fulfilled in those particular stages. I don't deny that spamming with troops would still able to rescue the POWs, after tons of attempts. But I would say that if the specific condition is met, the chances of saving the POW would be significantly increased.

      2. You may argue about this but the fact is i take lesser time in saving POWs after testing on different conditions on the subsequent stages compared to just 'spamming' before.

      4. Although it is about 435 POWs (i haven't calculated that), the conditions could be categorized to just around 10+. It won't be hard to implement this feature in my opinion. Moreover, the benefits unlocked do contribute a lot in the game (Production Speed, AP Buildup speed, Units Health and Power, or even new units, etc).

      Although it is rare, i did rescue 3 or 4 POWs in one battle. (ok, it is still rare). And since different stages have different number POWs to save, that further intrigues me of whether there are different conditions to be fulfilled. Again, your argument of "compulsion loop" is true also. But before everything is 'crystal clear', I would still insist on my own stand.

      "If there were hidden conditions and if they were met to release POWs, then they would have been released on 1 or 2 tries."
      I don't quite understand this sentence. In my opinion, if there were hidden conditions, it would require more attempts to save the POW, as it is harder to fulfill multiple conditions at the same time.

      Again, your comments are appreciated. Would let other players to decide.

      By the way, speaking of 'compulsion loops', are you involved in game design or something?

    10. I'm helping some,
      1. Time = finish the stage within a random limit time. I forgot which stage use this condition. Tips: use machine gunners and heavy units then use all its special attacks at propee time.
      2. Do not upgrade AP
      3. Do not use special attack at all
      4. Do (2) and (3) at a same stage
      5. Do not use some units

      I did some experiments about it, if youre frustrated with your 'mainstream' conditions (sorry), just use 'Time' condition, it was usually below 1 minute to finish a stage.

    11. Concur with cedric, it is totally random. I've got almost all the POWs. Most of the time I didn't even need to complete the level fast.

    12. "By the way, speaking of 'compulsion loops', are you involved in game design or something?"
      Yes, I am (game design).

  7. why my sortie point cant be recovery?? what should i do for repair that ? can u give a solution ?

    1. I see. There are other players with the similar issue. Does it happen after the upgrade to v1.3.0?

      So far i didn't encounter with this. But the latest Metal Slug Defense game did CRASH more frequently. And my Samurai Plane image is having a typo.

      Have you tried rebooting your device?

  8. Yeah i have upgrade to v1.3 n reboot my device but, still my srt point cnt be recovry,

    What if i re install the game, am i going to start from scratch again ??

    1. Hi, according to another player 'dneng', the sortie points go buggy after you have changed the system time. (did you?)
      He suggested to change the system time to 2012 to have a temporary workaround. Perhaps you could have a try?

      I don't thinking re-installing the game would work. Not quite sure about that.

    2. Or to make it 'further future'

    3. I have change system time to 2012 and make it further
      But That's not work T_T too,
      Do you have another solution for me ??
      I want to plaayyy TT_TT

    4. Sorry i can't think of any other solution. Supposed if the developer has flagged the game play time, it should be fine to adjust to another date (and reboot?). Not sure how it turns out in the MSD game.

      I am afraid you might need to go for the worst case --- reinstall the game....

  9. Guys why is trevors hp still 2000 in customize after we raised it in a POW mission %100

  10. So, where's the walkthrough? All I see is a link to another post on the same site containing a bunch of false information about POWs.

    1. You may choose not to believe. Thanks.

  11. Hello,
    When I try to enter the map 5-5 on world 1, the game crashes O.o
    You know how to solve this?
    i can't' continue the game because this issue :(
    sorry for my bad English

    1. Hi,
      i do come across that the latest version of the MSD does crash more often. Not quite sure but maybe you could try Off your Wifi/Internet data before playing this.
      Meanwhile, you may feedback to the developer in the Play Store. (Eg: Rate them poorer to alert them ;) )

  12. Hi guys, is more simple than you are saying. You just have to hit in the high area of the screen, such as the classic Metal Slug. The grand part of the times you play a mission, you can free a Pow. Sometimes, you can also find two POWs in a mission, but usually it happens when the missions contains several POWs, or is Expert or Hell level of difficulty.
    I unlocked every POWs of the first World Map, boss stage included, and it was very simple, Even if it required a lot of time.
    As I said, is common that you find a Pow per mission, so you have to play more times at the same one, to unlock all the POWs.
    Sometimes the point you ave to hit to free theme doesn't change, other times change, and it could also happening that there are no pow Sometimes (in these case the game usually puts in these point in the screen a box of sortie points, or Msp, or Fuel).
    I unlocked them with a Basic rebel soldier Armada, supported by other units, such as Ptolemaics rocket launchers. This cause the rebels launch their bomb in a balistic Way, reaching the high zones of the screen.
    Launch your bomb even when your soldier is at few meters by the base, cause often the POWs are hidden in the first meters of the screen (I used rebel soldiers also because their charging speed of the special attack is bigger than others unities).
    I hope I was helpful, and sorry for My bad English!

  13. Hi, how are you ? yesterday I wanted to recover my health fast since I didn't want to wait till it recovers back after 180 mins, so I started changing the date on my phone, I changed the years to be more specific, so now the health is not recovering back unless I change the years. How can I solve this issue and make it comes back as it used before ?
    Thank you very much.

    1. To be honest, i am not sure how to cope with this. I believe when the MSD is updated, those workaround (such as changing the time to further into the future or into the past) are not effective anymore.
      Perhaps you could email the developer, with the email provided in the Google Play Store.

  14. This is, by far, the most comprehensive literature on Metal Slug Defense, while all others pretend to discuss, you on the other hand, attempt to dissect.

    I really appreciate your posts but I'd like to know how you've been doing as a developer and how about reviewing 1.8.0 ? (Now that it is out as of September 28, 2014)

    1. Be honest, i really appreciate your feedback.
      Recently, i have been occupied by bug fixing in my apps, to such an extent that i actually i missed the details of the v1.7.0 (which includes logo changes, Re-Match in the 2 vs 2 mode, new missions, etc)

      And now, thanks for your reminder. I will catch up as soon as possible.

  15. hello,

    i don't know how to upgrade customize home and unit to level 20. Can someone teach me on how to make upgrade them to level 20. Thanks in advance.

    1. You mean the level shows 'Max' when reaching 10 instead of 20?
      I don't remember doing anything to activate that. But i believe you will be allowed to upgrade to the level 20 after completing more maps.

      To be precise, the maximum level is 30 (not sure about the HOME but it is for the UNIT). However, the upgrade from 20-30 requires additional Medals OR MSP.

      For now, perhaps you may trying defeat the areas with the current stages first.

    2. yes, its shows Max when reaching level 10. i'm currently at final stage. thank you very much Edward Geekend.

    3. No prob~
      In the first map, i believe it can be defeated with some intelligent placement of the sandbag. And once you have rescued more and more POWs, the stages will become easier.

      FYI, now the POW rescue is mostly random. To fasten the rescue, i think the only way is to 'Fast Forward' during the game play. lol

    4. hi Edward Geekend! can i ask which is better "Metal Rear" or "Jupiter King"?

    5. Hm... it is hard to answer this :)
      Metal Rear costs 600 AP while the Jupiter King costs 900 AP.
      At level 30, Metal Rear has 18750 HP, while the latter has 15000.

      My opinion is, if they are versus each other, Jupiter King may stand a higher chance to win. (but i am not sure whether the Metal Rear's skill (jump backwards) could help turn the table or not...)

      I vote Jupiter King as his attack cause area effects.

      Correct me if you have a better view~

    6. i'm playing 2 vs 2 at the moment and as a beginner i don't know which is more efficient to use (medals are hard to gain). at the moment i already earn 406 medals and don't know what to purchase @_@ really confusing! hahahaha!

    7. haha. I was in your situation too. The SNK keeps rolling out new units and it is challenging to tell which are the 'Best' units for wi-fi versus mode. I personally haven't 'paid' any money in this game. But the hard-earned medals are sufficient for me to try out several (such as Leona, Ralf, Metal Rear, Jupiter King, etc).

      Anyway, i think generally there are 2 types: Early or Late game. Initially, the units such as Leona, Ralf, etc are good to push (and if your partner is doing great as well). But when if the game continues, usually the giant units take control of the late game.

      Ok. now answer your question again. I personally think the Jupiter King is worthy. Although he doesn't has any skill, his attack is effective to stop the enemies, especially during the late game. But the condition is, you and your partner have to withstand the early attacks (as the cost of 900 AP is simply too high).

      I have to honestly say that my stats of win/loss in the wi-fi is usually around 1:2 (lol).

      I always learn by observing how i am defeated (apart from the weak partner problem). You may learn from that too. :)

    8. You have a potential to convince people LOL! Well "Jupiter King" is actually my 1st option :) I'm already using it now! as of now Jupiter is really useful at the end but it needs support of unit that has big HP.

      Same here i'm observing my opponent, after the battle i always look their unit at the shop and end up thinking how they earn it fast.

      Can you give me some list of good deck in wi-fi VS 1on1 :D

      And one thing about the application of MSD sometimes after the battle there is a pop up says "google play stop working" or "MSD has stop" something like that. And it annoys me because when i won the battle it would not count.

    9. Great to know you find Jupiter King useful :)

      A stats of 1:2 is convincing for you? lol. I used to have a win/loss of 1:1 on the wi-fi 1 vs1. But after few games recently, i guess it is almost 1:3 now... Oopss. (Until now, 79 wins vs 50 losses) But they are mostly very close games i can say.

      My deck for your reference:
      1. Leona (bought)
      2. Ralf (bought)
      3. Clark (bought)
      4. Sandbag
      5. Cyborg Allen O'Neil
      6. Morden Robot
      7. Elephant Slug
      8. R.R. Shobu (bought)
      9. Metal Rear (bought)
      10. Donald Morden
      11. Jupiter King (bought)

      Just found recently that some opponents like to use Special Force (Rider) at the early game, which hinders my game play sometimes. I either use Sandbag, Morden Robot or Cyborg Allen O'Neil to defend.

      Also, one thing to mention is the air unit, especially R.R. Shobu (which i mentioned in my latest post). R.R Shobu can play an important role if the opponents do not have something hitting the air units (fyi, that includes Jupiter King)

      You might share yours if you want :)

      Regarding the game crash issue, I did encounter several times, but not during the wi-fi versus mode. As a developer, i would say this is bread and butter... Mostly, from experience, it has something to do with the ads served by third party. You may want to feedback them through the google play store or email in order to let them improve the game further.

    10. in 1vs1 mode 36-44 and in 2vs2 160-322 LOL! i only have a beginners deck.

      My Deck:
      1.Guerrila Mortar (wrong purchase it should be W.Mortar) lol
      4.Di-Cokka Ver. p.m
      5.Zombie Marco
      6.Allen O'niel
      7.NOP-03 Sarubia (for defense)
      8.Airbone Melty Honey
      9.Donald Morden
      10.Jupiter King

      this list can't last till end. but this list is my dream deck :D

      1. W.Mortar
      2.Tar Man
      3.Special Force
      4.Patrol Robot
      6.Airbone Melty Honey
      7.Cyborg Allen O'Neil
      8.Metal Rear
      9.Donald Morden
      10.Jupiter King.

      I think this kind of deck is effective in 2vs2 :) i'm still thinking of list units in 1vs1 that is effective in rush mode and end game.

      I already send a feedback to google play store hope it reach their attention.

    11. I see. Thanks for the sharing, i will try out your suggestion once earning more medals :)

      Regarding on 1 vs 1, it is really tough to say. The distance between the portals always adds more variation into the game. I personally like Leona, but sometimes the latency of activating the skill is a drawback.

      Usually when are you defeated? Early or Late game?

    12. at my present deck early and late game. LOL. yeah the distance sometimes decide whether your deck will win or lose. at close distance Leona is effective but in long distance or late game i think its not a good option to summon Leona.

      my medal now is 547. i still don't know what to purchase next @_@

    13. haha. i agree with you. if it is a long distance, Leona might not be a good choice to summon.

      Just my opinion, Tar Man and Airbone Melty Honey are not 'offensive' enough.

      oh by the way, i actually notice a number of opponents using the unit 'HI-DO'. it is a late game unit, costing 400 medals! I haven't been able to try out. Like, Donald Morden, his skill is invulnerable (unstoppable). It might worth a try :)

      Or, you might wait for a few weeks to see if SNK would roll out more newer units. In the last update (v 1.16), there are more aliens in the shops. Again, i haven't been able to verify if it is worthy. Probably you can observe if someone has come out with a better strategy during the wi-fi mode~

    14. Tar Man can help you take a time to earn AP i think they have more HP than others and the production is fast.

      Yeah i encounter a lot of players using HI-DO their missiles are invulnerable, but it cost a lot of medals. hahaha! so i'm thinking of purchasing Metal Rear and Commander at my 500 medals or i'll just wait for the next update for more options :)

    15. and by the way i also encounter some players that i think uses a hack. they can summon 'Metal Slug Power' with no cooldown and the other is using some kind of big plane with a fire at the bottom that can easily kill your units and it's invulnerable and non-stop -_-

    16. i see. Great to know that Tar Man from your experience.

      Yep. I believe HI-DO is another useful late game unit. I have been seeing that more and more often in the 2vs2 mode. On the other hand, the skill of Commander is quite destructive. The only thing is to make sure he isn't killed before the skill completes cooldown. Look forward to hearing more from you~

      Regarding the 'hack things', I am not quite sure. But i did see someone with stats of '9999 wins' before. Hopefully SNK would continuously update the game to eliminate this problem.

    17. Yep Commander and HI-DO is is really a destructive units and compare to my present deck, it's really predictable that i don't stand a chance from it. LOL! i'm just hoping that my partner will be strong enough to take all those damage. LMAO! so i can take time to summon Donald and Jupiter King. (my last chance) HAHAHAHA!

    18. i got 930 medals now :) still undecided what to purchased.

      i already unlock mars people carde (so cool) hahahaha!

      please give me some tips what to purchase next. thnx

    19. The members of KOF (King Of Fighters) are joining Metal Slug Defense! I am surprised. SNK has introduced the KOF members into the latest update (v1.17). Currently, there are 3 of them (Kyo, Kusanagi, Benimaru Nikaido, Goro Daimon). At the cost of 300 Medals each, i think they are stronger than the existing land units. lol. Would you try out some? :)

    20. I have seen some opponents with the KOF units. But so far haven't seen any 'significance' in the battles. You might want to observe more first before making the purchase.

    21. i'm expecting a new mission and more units to chose that's why i keep my medals lol. i have 990 medals now and still don't know what to purchase lol.

    22. i've decided to purchase Metal Rear, Commander and R.R Shobu :)

    23. yup. I did expect more missions and maps as well. Anyway, so far the KOF members don't really play a great role in the wi-fi VS mode (correct me if i am wrong).

      Here's my experience over the last few days. I personally favor Donald Morden. There are quite a number of close games recently. But it is the skill of the Donald Morden that stands out. Its invulnerable bombings gradually damage the opponents' portal until the end. Be honest, that's my game play so far. :)

      Great to know now you own the Metal Rear, Commander and R.R Shobu. Hopefully you will reap more victories~

    24. Yes i agree that KOF didn't have a great contribution in clash, just like LEONA :) imagine, using their special at the right time and at the same time summoning units lol.

      And regarding Donald Morden Special Yes it's very useful but to activate the special is quite longer than other, it already reach the clash before activating the Special lol. and i just notice that Rear Metal (lvl 30 18,750) has more HP than Donald Morden (lvl 30 17,500). But i often use Donald Morden as blocking force! lol. Donold Morden has 950 AP but Rear Metal cost only 600 AP hahaha!

      And one thing that i notice in the clash when big units are all there and all flying units, i noticed that all my R.R Shobu are easily defeated and i just realize that "Hunter Walker" is the only unit can kill those flying units and really did a great damage at flying units. When i first encounter "Hunter Walker" i just ignoring them, because it's look like that i can't do anything at the clash, but when i focus to it, it answers all my questions lol.

      Also i wanna ask something regarding Ranks. Does the Ranks contributes to your AP speed and Production Speed and Damage of units? i just noticed that all highers ranks can summon a units that cost big AP at early time. I'm saying this because i encounter higher rank that has the same unit as mine but he manage to summon the Big units earlier than mine. a little bit curious about ranks.

    25. another 3 chars from KOF has been added, and this three chars are stronger than the 1st three. New stages and new special missions.

      And New update includes the status of your rank LOL! i'm in 16,000th LMAO!

    26. Great!
      Seems that they want to integrate KOF into this Metal Slug Defense game! I just noticed the KOF iori! The mission to defeat the trio has taken me a few attempts.

      Good to know there are new stages, which means more Medals to earn.

      You have surpassed me. i am at the 22k. :)
      Also, thanks for your sharing in wi-fi mode. I gradually earn some medals and would like to try out the new KOF member if possible.

    27. yeah it seems that they are trying to merge KOF to Metal Slug Defense. i think in KOF chars the one that stands out is IORI. He has the power to destroy Air units and Land units at the same time and the movement is Very fast, so he is also effective at rush in close Portal.

      Have you ever notice the "Hunter Walker" unit? it really do a great role in air unit. i'm just still thinking if R. Shobu or Hunter Walker will be the next unit i will purchase.

    28. I agree with you. I am gradually collecting medals now to purchase the IORI.

      Ohya, regarding the 'Hunter Walker', i wasn't paying much attention to this until you mentioned that. In my recent battles, i did see this tiny and annoying creature crashing my units. So as a quick conclusion, I think you are probably right. Hopefully i would be able to earn more medals to try this unit.

      By the way, i bought R-Shobu. Personally, i think it is weaker than the R.R-Shobu (red). The red one has skill and it steps backwards while launching missile. The R-Shobu (the earlier generation) doesn't have this feature.

    29. here is my list now (deck):

      1.Special Force
      2.Morden Robot
      4.Airbone Melty Honey
      5.Hunter Walker
      6.Cyborg Allen O'Neil
      7.R.R Shobu
      8.R. Shobu
      9.Donald Morden
      10.Jupiter King

      i only use this in 2vs2 mode :)

    30. I also want to advice to the developer of the game that i think they should add more command in chat like "air stike", "land offence/defence" i mean you can tell your strategy on your partner at early time so the cooperation in 2vs2 would be more fun :D

    31. You are really a MSD maniac. Great to see your deck. Do you reap more winnings this time? You may suggest to the SNK regarding the 2vs2. As observed, it won't be hard for them to add another label there.

      i played around 10 games per day, now at the stats of 177 Wins, 137 Losses in the 2on2 mode, ranked at 22k. lol.

      I am now having 140 Medals thanks to the wi-fi mode. Wish i could afford IORI soon :)

    32. hahaha! yeah i played more than 50 games per day LOL! my stats now in 1vs1 51-49 in 2vs2 490-340 :D and ranked at 12K. i love fighting stronger or higher rank than me (observing there strategy) hehehe!

      by the way, i often receive some bonus like "battle ending rewards up by 1.5" and something like additional damage and HP repair, don't know when and how to use them -_-

      after you purchase IORI tell me whats the max HP of it :D so i can adjust my deck if necessary :) thnx

    33. wow! more than 800 games!
      whenever fighting with the opponents of better ranks, i know the chance of winning is too bleak. but they are indeed stronger.

      regarding the 'rewards', you can actually use them. Tap the 'Pause' button, there is button to let you choose what 'powers' to be used. but they are meant for those who are unable to complete the map areas. If you haven't finished the POW rescued the all the others, that won't be useful.

      sure. will let you know after i have bought the iori.

  16. Please explain me how to have Morden Robot, his area always locked and stage locked tell me how i can play his level to unlock him.

    1. The Morden Robot is obtained after you have rescued all the Prisoners of Wars in that area.

      The thing is - that area is an Emergency Area, which you can only be 'unlocked' sequentially. Meaning, if you haven't finished saving the POWs in the Emergency Area of the first map, you won't be able to see the emergency areas of the second map.

      During my time, if not mistaken, the Morden Robot is only available in the Emergency Areas of the third map, which you can only unlock after playing for quite some time. (for your info, it can take up to few weeks or months). And to save the POWs, now it seems to be a random process.

      If you just started playing this game, i suggest you focus on saving the POWs first. If you need some stronger units to help the battle, i recommend the purchase of Leona and Ralf.

    2. Thx for your reply, i already finished all stages and all missions, got all Purple stages for the extra medals. But i didnt know how this process works. Tell me if i undertstood correctly: i have to rescue all pows from all" red" warning maps before unlock Morden ones?

    3. You are right. The 'red' warning areas are the 'Emergency Areas' i mentioned. Great to know you have finished almost all areas.

      Here's the list of the units unlocked from the red areas:

      First Map
      1. 3-ton Utility Truck (West Asia)
      2. Di-Cokka (North American N. West)
      3. Hop-03 Sarubia (East Europe)
      4. Hopper Mecha (North Asia N. East)

      Second Map
      1. Abul Abbas (West Asia)
      2. Allen O'Neil (North American N. West)
      3. Donald Morden (East Europe)
      4. Mars People (North Asia N. East)

      Third Map
      1. Elite Arabian Soldier (West Asia)
      2. Cybord Allen O'Neil (North American N. West)
      3. Morden Robot (East Europe) <--------------- The one you asked
      4. Mars People Cadre (North Asia N. East)

      Have fun :)

  17. Thats what i dont get. I click sortie, and there i have some units to unlock even without areas getting red. Then i can click Map and reveal another "world" where i have the red areas.. i have to unlock all units u listed above in order to unlock red area for Morden? Thx for your time.

  18. No prob. i know it is quite confusing about the 'Maps'.

    To illustrate easier, i will use the 'color of the map' for explanation.
    The map which appears just after you click the 'sortie' - Blue map. With swiping, you will be able to view 2 more - Red and Purple.

    From my list before,
    First Map - Blue Map
    Second Map - Red Map
    Third Map - Purple Map

    The Morden Robot will be unlocked at the third red areas of the Purple Map. :)

    The map (Green) which appears after you click the 'Switch Map' is another story. It contains other units to unlock.

  19. Ok i started. I'm at the Sarubia Map, seems the POW are rly hard to save. Can you tell me again the time when emergency aereas avaibiles? Thx

    1. it is stated in the post: 12pm, 6pm and 10pm.

    2. Tell me if you think my strategy is fine: i dont up my ap speed and i just spam the first soldier u get and native, spamming special atks. PS: i used the special item to see hidden items in map, and i noticed you cant obtain a POW every run, u need like 3-5 for each POW in each map...

    3. hi michele, from my understanding, the POW rescue in version after V1.5 is mostly random.

      My advice is, use 'Fast Forward' to speed up the game.
      Some suggests those units striking the 'air' might help. you may try it out.

    4. on my experience i used random units to save POW and if the POW still don't appear i will stop summoning units and let the enemy summon more units for me to kill them until POW appear. (i don't use powerful units to avoid quick victory) :D

    5. oO. that's a new theory to me. thanks for your sharing!

  20. I have unlocked the mars ppl, they are perfect for hit fast and almost everywhere on the screen!

    1. mars ppl can bombard the enemies. But it has little HP. Currently i do not have that in my deck.

  21. Hi again man, u helped me a lot, i unlocked all secret units (morden robot is a beast). But now game have new units in the shop, what you think about them? Expecially the new BIIIG monster 500 medals.

    1. Hi michele bucciarelli, it is very hard to answer this.
      I suggest you play some wi-fi mode to learn from your opponents :)
      The new BIG monster that costs 500 medals is really the late game unit. i come across in several of my wi-fi challenges (and it is so damn strong to beat.....)
      Anyway, i purchased IORI, have been quite satisfied with this. :)

    2. Atm i have 320 medals, and i cant decide between IORI and HELLHOUND...... i already got leona as close range plus morden robot both for start, late gsme i use morden, metal rear, cyber allen and hi do.