Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Block Puzzle 2 - Another Block Puzzle Game

Hey, don't forget that I am an Android Game developer as well. After posting so so much solutions about the Ultimate Block Puzzle, I am inspired to create another block puzzle myself - Block Puzzle 2.

First, it is NOT just a duplication. In fact, to add more variations in the block puzzle game, I specifically added a new mode - Special Mode, in which the grey regions are not a rectangular shape.

It takes about 1 week. And here shows the challenges of making the block puzzle game.

Time-consuming on the Block Puzzles generation

The block puzzle game usually contains hundreds of puzzle. In each puzzle, it has 5 to 12 block pieces to drag and drop. The challenges are to create unique levels for different modes. In fact, I really wonder how much time the original game takes in order to generate more than 6000 block puzzles. Is that an algorithm for that? Generating one by one is gonna claim your weeks or months!

Should the solutions of the block puzzles be made unique?

I believe this is a great challenge. Of course, to make the puzzle game more complicated, somehow the uniqueness of the puzzle solution is critical. However, this requirement poses another question - How to ensure that the solutions are unique? If you have played the original Ultimate Puzzle game, you might observe that there is only single solution for each puzzle. Hence, sometimes you might get mad when your solution is so closed but is still not successful.

Here, this is another difference between the Ultimate Puzzle and my Block Puzzle 2. In my game, you may come across some puzzles that could be solved in several ways, probably due to the symmetrically arrange-able blocks.

Anyway, hope you can enjoy this block puzzle game, and feel free to drop any comment.

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