Wednesday, May 7, 2014

When will the Boom Beach game be available in Android?

Boom Beach - Another FREE strategic combat engine is available now, but is currently in the iOS devices only. It claimed that it will be available in Android soon. Recently i have a chance to play this with my friends' iPad. To conclude, it is a great one. Here shows what are the differences between Boom Beach and the other similar games.

New Elements on the Battle Field

Rifleman, Heavy, Zooka, Medic, Tank, Warrior are the troops for your battles in the Boom Beach. Each has his strength. For example, the Heavy has a higher Hit Point but a lesser attack point. While the Zooka is the opposite, dealing a higher damage but moving slower. Apart from that, there are boosts such Artillery, Flare, Medkit, Shock Bomb, Barrage and Smoke Screen to aid you in the battle fields. If those skills are applied strategically, it is going to increase your chances of defeating the enemies significantly. The key point of a battle in the Boom Beach game, is to destroy the enemy's headquarter.

Here i intelligently use the Flare to direct the troops to the rear side of the base which has a much weaker defense.

Having said that, all you need to do, is to make use of your troops and the Powers to come out with a plan to destroy the Headquarter as soon as possible! If the base has too much towers placed together, use Shock Bomb to effectively avoid their attacks. If there are Rocket Launchers equipped, use Shock Bomb/Artillery on them while approaching them. If there are Machine Guns or Mortars, prepare Medkit for your troops. Analyze your enemies' base first before landing your troops.

Here shows how my enemies attack my base when i was away.

On the other hand, you may get busted too, if you are loose in your base development. The good thing is that, there always come with a video showing how (poor/breathtaking) your base is being raided, playable the speed 1x, 2x or 4x. Learn a lesson from that and become stronger next time.

The Bases are evenly distributed across the map.

You may discover that in the Boom Beach game, you won't come across some jokers (who have reached much higher level than yours) around your base (after exploring with the Radar). Depending on your levels and the Victory Points, you would be placed/arranged in such a way that the enemies around are good to be your opponents. This is something that i really favor. I used to play this kind of combat games in the Facebook before. But this Boom Beach has indeed done much better in the placement of our bases.

The myths of the Statues in supporting your bases.

The statues (on the bottom) are meant to improve your bases in various aspects (resources production, troops stimulants, etc)
The introduction of Statues in the Boom Beach is indeed an interesting one. It serves as a stimulant for the base in various aspects. For example, resources (Gold, Wood, Stone) production, increasing your troops health, etc. The thing is, the success of building a "productive" statue depends on luck. There are 3 types of statues: Idol, Guardian, Masterpiece. And they are only built with Crystals (Life, Ice, Magma and Dark) which are only obtained through defeating other enemies. This adds more variations into the game play.

Money doesn't dominate the game

Last but not least, this Boom Beach doesn't allow someone to dominate the game with money. Yes, you can use money to buy diamonds which boost your base development progress. However, it doesn't mean that you could always bully the weaker with your troops (due to the almost evenly distributed bases algorithm). Moreover, the enemies that you have defeated would be replaced with a stronger one. Apart from that, you have limited troops according to your levels. And the Power in the battle field only depends on your action points accumulated, but not the money.

In short, i really look forward to playing this game in my Android devices soon. But i believe it may still take a while, as i still experience glitches in the iOS version now (sometimes the servers are under maintenance).


  1. Still, even until now, i still experience bugs from the ios version Boom Beach... especially the period after the base is being attacked. The screen basically hangs there every time i want to launch an attack. And my resources are not compensated either. damn!
    Hope the Boom Beach developer could solve the issues asap. For android users, you gonna wait for a while.

  2. Yeah, Boom Beach is available in the Android now!

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  4. I am always searching online for articles that can help me. There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also. Keep working, great job!
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