Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Flash Builder 4.7 Error: "Initial Content not found"

When developing mobile games in Flash Builder with the Adobe AIR, i come across this horrifying error that wasted my hours: "initial content not found", as shown in the picture below.

This error takes place when i try to change the app name (<filename></filename>) in the xml. Then, no matter how many times i clean and rebuild the project, the above error still appears. One of the observations is that, the .swf file in the bin folder disappears and will never be generated again.

I am writing this post as the current search engines still do not have a clear solution on this (I have tried a number approaches as suggested but still fail). Apart from that, this seems to be an old issue that already happened in the previous version of the Flash Builder.

In the end? i have no choice but to re-create a new project (copy and paste everything) in order to solve this "initial content not found" error. I know this is a lame workaround. And I really wish someone could correct me if i am wrong...

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