Saturday, May 24, 2014

Monopoly Deal Mini Game Update: Double The Rent Card added

Still remember the game Monopoly Deal Mini? It has been a while since i last updated it. Recently a new card has been added - Double The Rent.

What does the Double The Rent card do? And most importantly, how to use it?
Here, it is intuitive to say that, the card would raise the rent amount for 2 times. To use it, there are 2 conditions to be fulfilled here:

a) Use any Rent Card
b) Two or more action points left.

Since "Double The Rent" card is itself an action, it is only feasible if you have sufficient action points left (you own 3 action points for every new turn). Hence, when you use the rent card, it will automatically pop up to ask whether you want to double your rent amount, as shown in the picture below.

Note, you need not drag the Double The Rent card to the center table. Just perform the rent action as normal, it would alert you if you have sufficient action points left.

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