Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Adobe AIR app does not support Intel Android devices, yet!

Ok, I am not trying to make the Adobe AIR developers (or potential developers) panicked or something. But it should be emphasized that, the Android Games or Android Apps developed (packaged) with the Adobe AIR are not working in the Intel devices (x86-based mobiles phones or tablets), yet!

I only came to know this a while ago. My father is using an Intel-based Acer mobile phone. However, whenever i try to download  and install my published Adobe AIR Android games from the app store, it has never been successful. The thing to point out is that, the app is download-able, but not install-able. To recap, i mention that an Adobe AIR app has a minimum size of 10MB per apk file. That would mean that, the users from an Internet-not-so-accessible area have to tolerate the malfunctioning app or game after the efforts to download it. I can imagine their frustration which results in 1-star rating for sure... -.-

Anyway, in case you experience the same on your Intel Android devices, don't get too mad as you are not alone!

Apart from that, there is a good news from the Adobe. Research has been done on making the future Adobe AIR SDK more robust.

Simply can't wait that.

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