Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Brave Heroes Game Walkthrough

Recently I am addicted to an Android Game - Brave Heroes

It is a Tower Defense Game, with very cutie Heroes and the armies (and enemies :))

Many has negative comments on the Brave Heroes game. One of the facts is that, unlike other games, the stages that you have defeated would "increase the level of difficulty" as well. Most of the players find this annoying as they couldn't (or very tough to) train the Heroes strong enough to face the coming just-unlocked stages. And hence, it seems that game is focusing on the "monetization" instead of the game play. BUT, IT DOESN'T.

So, this post is a Brave Heroes walkthrough to convince all of the would-be players (or on-going players) that, this game is really an interesting and working properly game which can provide a lot of fun without any money purchase, as long as you are a bit more patient.

Upgrading Hero is Essential

 This makes sense.  At the beginning stages (<10), you only have a Melee Hero "Balzac". Use all the money to upgrade as high as possible. Higher level means higher attack, attack speed, hit point, etc. One thing to mention, you should Enchant at least once on the weapon (Legendary Great Sword for Balzac Hero) to increase the chance of critical attack. I personally think the shield enchant is optional.

Our Army is negligible

I admit that they are adorable (especially their movement). But I have to frankly say that, their existence can serve nothing more than a few seconds buffer for the enemy invasion. My advice is, do not rely on them or upgrade them. In the Shop section, the only thing to upgrade is the "Gold", such that the stage clear reward can be increased.

Melee Hero is the best Leader

In Brave Heroes, you can summon up to 6 Heroes in a stage. The Heroes are categorized as "Near"(melee), "Distance" (Range), "Magic" (Range). The "Near" Heroes are the one who have the highest hit points such that, they are the best candidates as the front end strikers (to sustain the heavy pain longer), while the "Distance" and the "Magic" Heroes are attacking from the back. Here, particularly, I would like to recommend the "Penguin" as your option. The Penguin has a critical stunning attack skill which helps him (a guy) take a lead in the attack most of the time. And seriously, the young penguins attack skill is so funny and useful, especially when targeted at the escaping enemy Heroes. Here, precisely, i only upgrade the Penguin after discovering that he himself is able to VS even 4 Heroes! (one by one of course). And to re-emphasize, i didn't pay for this!

Purposely Lose is a strategy

As mentioned, if you have passed the stages with 3 stars, the enemies' level will be raised as well (including the enemy Heroes). This would mean that, even though you continuously select the Stage 1 to play with (and win in the end), the enemy armies would get infinitely stronger! Honestly, I have 1 stage that i couldn't even beat even though after summoning all 5 Heroes (total up 6 altogether), while there is no Hero at the enemy site!

Hence, the strategy is - to lose in a stage intentionally, through time-out. Within the period, kill as many enemy Heroes as possible (and the armies. Wait patiently for them to get spawned). Even though if you lose, you would still own the money. This is by far the most effective strategy to raise the level of the Hero and to earn money!
Killing an enemy Hero could reward you with about 200-500 experience, and up to few thousands gold (with the treasure). In the end, you could be able to rake in more than 15000 Gold (in my extreme case, 30000 Gold in a stage (20th) even though i lose in a stage!

Then you might ask, is it that easy to kill an enemy Hero? To do this, you have to understand 1 thing - the enemy Hero tends to escape when there is no army around. Therefore, to ensure the Hero stand 'stupidly' in front of you, you have to make some effort (timing) to let the enemy archer standing behind the enemy Hero. With this, even though they are running out of hit points, they are not going to escape and let you kill them. And then, for the Range enemy Heroes, you got to approach them (especially when they activate their skills) to attack them (assume you use the melee Hero such as the Penguin i mentioned).


I haven't finished the game, with only around 25 stages cleared. The thing is, i have my melee Hero (the Penguin) level raised to about 42 easily, 10+ more than my up-coming enemy Heroes! And I just need the solo Penguin to defeat them! The game would go endless if i continue my game play experience as stated above.

So, any hassle of playing the Brave Heroes game again? Perhaps the only glitch is that, on and beyond the stage 10, the game starts getting slower (probably due to too much objects appearing). Hope that they can add a fast forward button to boost the speed whenever necessary.

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  1. The max level for a hero is level 45 right?

  2. Hi, i believe the Heroes from the second row can reach level 50, as mentioned in my post here.

  3. I reached level 60 for the last heroes of each group that I got through root. 50 for second row heroes. Not sure for 1st rows.

    1. LoL. That's epic. If the last Hero can reach level 60, the gap of the stats must be huge compared to other Heroes. Yup. From my experience, the first row Heroes can reach Max Level 45, while the second row Hero such as Nebiross can reach Level 50. I didn't buy or root. The most i can play is with the free Heroes. Still, the Nebiross is quite strong for me. :)