Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Brave Heroes - Heroes comparison

Previously, I have posted the Brave Heroes Game Tips with a number of critical information...
But that was for the early stages. After continuing to play the game, I think it is more appropriate to add more points in the game play experience, especially the Heroes comparison.

As you can notice in the picture, i have 2 Melee Heroes reaching the max level of 45: Penguin and the Gloria. And here's a brief comparison

First, please ignore the Enchant, though it may add a little but negligible impact (from my upgrades).

Note: the difference of Attack is around 2400

In short, upgrading the Gloria is more crucial than upgrading the Penguin. Alright, you will say that it is normal to make the subsequently unlocked Heroes stronger. I was thinking the same. And i am quite shocked to see the huge gap between the Heroes, especially the one shown below:

Yes, it is the Ninja Jin VS the Nebiross (Range/Distance Heroes)

Note: the difference of Attack is about 18000!!! (200% - 300% of the Jin)

Here, i would like to mention that, the MAX LEVEL of Nebiross is higher than the Jin, which is 50 instead of 45! (in fact, i believe the Heroes from the second row can reach higher maximum levels)
Furthermore, it is noteworthy to remember that, the Nebiross has two very critical skills.
Skill 1: Shoots an arrow piercing through the enemy, with Attack +200%
Skill 2: Increases the Critical Hit chance by 30%

Basically, if the Nebiross combines both the skills, his attack can reach 27000 x 2.5 x 2, which is more than 100,000 per arrow, and penetrating through ALL the enemies in front! What an awesome combination! It is with this hero that i can survive through Level 40++

And yes, Nebiross is the hero that you can buy with Gold (not diamond) - $500,000, and the Gold can be obtained through the strategies i mentioned before. And of course, i still didn't spend any penny on this game :)

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