Saturday, December 28, 2013

Running Man Quiz solution - Background music

In the Running Man Variety Show, each Running Man member has unique background musics that are played during the races. For example, when Lee Kwang Soo incurs bad luck / awkward situation, his music will appear. When Yoo Jae Seok shows some strategic skills, his Yoo mes Bond music will be played. If you have been watching the Running Man all the while, i am pretty sure you will be able to recognize them easily :)

Hence, in the Running Man Quiz, i purposely included some music clips to the 'Music' section. Be honest, i got some original sources from here. But to make it more complete (for the need of the 'solution' of the app), i re-organize the list here:

1. Yoo Jae Seok

  • James Bond's Movie Theme
  • Extreme Ways
  • Pink Panther Theme
  • Step By Step

2. Lee Kwang Soo

  • Saint Agnes and the Burning Train
  • Theme of False Emperor
  • No Matter How i think about it 
  • Public Enemy Main Theme  (This music appears when Lee Kwang Soo is in the Betrayal Mode)

3. Gary

* (All the musics of are from the Gary's self established Hip-hop duo LeeSsang)
  • Woman who cannot break up, man who cannot leave
  • You are the answer to a guy like me
  • Our Meeting
  • Blues

4. Song Ji Hyo

  • Angry Bird
  • Tears
  • Hot Issue
  • Cheesy/Ticklish/Ganjireobgeh

5. Kim Jong Kook

  • What we need is a Hero
  • This is Sparta

6. Haha

  • Perfect Love
  • Pororo
  • Rosa

7. Ji Seok Jin

  • The House You Live In (JYP)
  • I Swear
  • Angel (Romeo and Juliet OST)

8. Easy Brothers

You may search and listen to the musics from Youtube. Then, you will be able to get 5 R stickers for all the quizzes :)

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