Monday, December 16, 2013

Sound effect resources for Android Games

In case you are wondering where to look for free sound effect resources for Android Games, here i have a recommended link.

There are 3 main reasons i pick this sound effect resources instead of the others:

a) Resourceful solutions

The different types of sound effects are categorized clearly at the left, listing:
  • Pickup/Coin - eg: Mario Coin
  • Laser/Shoot - eg: Space shooter
  • Explosion - eg: tower defense bomb
  • Powerup - eg: RPG level up
  • Hit/Hurt - eg: Streetfighter / King of fighter attack
  • Jump - eg: Mario jump
  • Blip/Select
  • Randomize
  • Mutation

b) Intuitive and flexible

By clicking the button, it will generate a sound effect of your choice. Each click will generate a different sound. Basically you can perform unlimited clicks until you hear the one of your favorites. Furthermore, Each sound effect generated is tunable with a number of attributes:
  • Attack Time
  • Sustain Time
  • Punch
  • Decay Time
  • Compression
  • Frequency
  • Frequency cutoff
  • etc ....

c) Free for all

If there is a Facebook "Like" button, or a Google "+" button, i won't be hesitating to share this to all my friends. You can easily export all the sound effects generated for free. YES, you are not reading the typo. There are really some Samaritans out there researching and creating free products for us!

I believe most of us are not sound engineers, so having this resource would be definitely a helpful one.

Note: If you are going to load the sound effects into the Flash Builder, remember to perform the up-sampling / down-sampling the frequency of the audio files with the appropriate software, as mentioned in previous post.

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