Thursday, December 26, 2013

Running Man Quiz app is in the Google Play Store now!

Finally, there is an app "Running Man Quiz" available in the Google Play Store.

For those fans of the Running Man Variety Shows, now it is time to show your craziness towards the Running Man - answering all the quizzes in the app :)

Overall, there are four categories of quizzes:



a) Relationship

- Basically, you are required to guess the names, nicknames of the RM members. Remember, the staffs are included too (eg: Who is the Floor director of the RM show?)




b) Music

- If you are really a Running Man Show maniac, this is definitely not a problem to you. Still remember the "Angry Bird" background music? Which member does the music belong to?



c) Medal

- Episodes by episodes, you will be asked about who (or which team) won the final game? (eg: who is the last survival of the name tag tearing game in the episode xxx?) I admit this is a bit challenging. But fret not, hints are given sometimes. :)



d) Storyline

- Similar to the Medal category, the quizzes in the storyline are based on the episodes. Here, the questions will be more details, and definitely test your memories, lol.

So, what to hesitate? Quickly grab the Running Man Quiz game at the play store~

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