Friday, December 6, 2013

Guess Car Brands - a beginner's Android game

Few months ago, i published a relatively simple Android game - Guess Car Brands.

The objective of creating the game is to learn some basic algorithms, such as how to generate the random alphabetical letters when a random car brand is popped up. At the end of the day, it isn't that complicated. In fact, the approach of creating a unique random numbers has been posted before. As long as the letters are being 'shuffled', it has achieved its original goal.

I admit that this Guess Car Brands is a kind of imitation, of the another game - "Guess Car Brand". Note - my app has an 's' at the end.

It was hoped that in line with the popularity of the game, my game can gain some fame from it. However, it seems that i have been so wrong... oops

Anyway, I just imitate the logo and the game play, but not duplicate the images. Also, i do add more variations into the game play:
a) first mode - choose the country of the cars that you want to guess.
b) second mode - the real car guessing mode. In this mode, there are 25 cars picked from the total, each with 4 scores. At the end, your performance is recorded.

Interestingly, you can use hints when guessing car brands. The hints can be obtained from the practicing in the first mode. However, once you have consumed the hints, the highest score would become only 2.

More and more car brands would be added in the future. Leave a message if you see any room for improvement.

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