Thursday, December 12, 2013

Minipoly Deal is in the Google Play Store now

Rejoiced! The long awaiting Monopoly Deal Card Game now has a lite version in the Google Play Store - Monopoly Deal Mini Minipoly Deal (Updated app name)

First, I admit i am just a fan of this card game. :)

Be honest, this game is created out of curiosity, as i am one of the Monopoly Deal Card Game fans as well. However, compared to the original Card Game, my Minipoly Deal (the mini version of the Monopoly Deal) is relatively having lesser cards. Also, to fit into the mobile devices, i have made the CASH and ACTION cards spherical, while the PROPERTY cards are in squares instead of rectangles.

The game rules are still remained: You will win the game if you collect three or more property sets. During the game play, you can perform actions to steal/request the cash and the properties from your opponent. At the current version, the Minipoly Deal only has a 1 vs 1 mode, which is player versus computer. To have better understanding of how to play the game, kindly go to the Help section.

Here's the home page of the game:
Don't you think the top red logo is familiar? There you go, i was trying to imitate the back side of the original Monopoly Deal Card.
So, what are you still waiting? Let's download the game and drop some feedback. Your suggestions will be appreciated :)

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