Sunday, December 29, 2013

Match 3 Game algorithm Part 6 - A real Android Match 3 Game demo

Sorry for the late. The release date for the Match 3 Game as stated last time might be delayed a bit.

HORRAY! The Match 3 Pop Saga is now available in the Google Play Store Now!

After several weeks of hard work, i have finally come out with a 'sample' of the Match 3 Game, with the Candy Crush Saga as the main reference, and the algorithms stated previously. (The "Saga" is imitated to gain some SEO points, hopefully... oops)

However, different from the Candy Crush, my Match 3 Pop Saga only has a total of 9 stages. Furthermore, it includes a bit of RPG elements: Level up. Basically, the more you play (popping more balloons), the higher levels you are. And the higher levels will reward you a higher score per pop (and time too!). Interesting huh? :)

Note that it is a balloon, not a colorful Easter egg.
I am not a graphic designer. The pictures are obtained from devianart.

Something to note is that, the 'striped candy' now is a glowing balloon (right, simple animation), while the 'wrapped candy' is something like this (bordered):

The maximum level in the Match 3 Pop Saga is 15 (which i think you won't need that for completing all the stages with 3 stars).

Finally, thanks for trying this game. Feel free to drop some feedback, either on the game flow, or the game experiences~


  1. hi...
    its nice tutorial, where found detail doc or source code or more help...?
    like combo, detection, candy genratation.

    1. Hey, sorry for the late reply. Do you still need the code?

    2. Is there source code available for this? Would love to see how you built it and I am the type that learns by doing.

  2. I would like to see the source code too.

  3. Hi arnon rodman and cLin, give me few days and i will post here. Thanks.

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  5. I realize it is freaking hard to understand the code at this point. Before i better document the code, here's the file that contains the core logic. I will update again once tidying up everything.

    The link to the file is HERE

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