Friday, November 15, 2013

Brave Heroes Game Tips

Just after few hours i have posted the Brave Heroes Game Walkthrough, I manage to have a breakthrough in this game - reach the Maximum level of the Hero, which is 45!

So, i believe my Game Tips of the Brave Heroes is convincing enough with my achievement :)
Particularly, I would like to solve some puzzles that some players might have during the game play. And to emphasize, i didn't pay any in this game. Feel free to drop any feedback~

What is Maximum Level of the Heroes in the Brave Heroes Game?

As you can see the picture above, the highest reachable Heroes' level is 45 (through gaining experience or buying experience with gold). However, you are able to somehow perform "Level Unlock" with 45 blue Gems as stated. Technically speaking, it is almost impossible for me to unlock the next level without paying. The cost of 45 blue Gems is 1,000,000 Golds (it would take me hours or days to obtain such a huge amount through unlocking stages). Moreover, one thing to point out is that, in total i have only unlocked 9 Heroes out of 24. I really hope that the maximum level of 45 is enough for me to go through all the stages left, otherwise i would just stop playing this game. :p

How much is the cost of the experience?

With simple calculation, you will find out that one experience value would cost 7 Golds, regardless of how much your Heroes' level is.

How to approach and kill Enemy Heroes easily?

The enemy Heroes are sneaky. They keep running away if there is no army surrounding. Once you have killed the melee army in front of them, they will escape cunningly at the back of the tower and turn back to strike again. To lure them approach you without escaping, make sure your Hero's position is in such a way that, the enemy archer army is able to shoot the arrow from the back of the enemy Hero (as in the picture). This is crucial, especially if you choose the Range Hero as the leader. Approach the enemy Hero when they come with an archer. Let the archer stand behind him so that he will foolishly think that there is some backup and won't run away. Of course, use portion to regenerate hit points whenever necessary. Also, make sure your Hero is strong enough (at least 5 levels more than the enemy hero's)

How to earn more Golds in the Brave Heroes game?

No doubt, it is to kill more enemy Heroes in a stage, while purposely losing it through time count down. After raising your Leader Hero to such an extent that the Hero is at least having 5 levels higher than the enemy Hero's, now focus to kill the Heroes in the stage. Remember, do not win the stage as the enemies (both army and Hero) will grow stronger. Patiently wait them to get spawned and kill them with the tactics above. Killing one Hero may reward you around 200-500 experience, with around 1000-2500 Golds, plus 1 possible treasure that may contain up to 2500 Golds. Once in a blue moon, the treasure may come with 1 blue Gem too (as in the picture, the crate is Gold in color)! Until now, I have broken my previous records and now obtain more than 30,000 Golds in a single stage, though 'losing' in the end. Repeat the process infinitely, you can even train more Heroes to achieve the maximum level of 45.

One thing to note is that, do not manually quit the game yourself, though the Golds are still owned in the end, your Hero will lose all the experience gained (as observed).

Apart from that, need not fear about one versus multiple Heroes in a stage. The enemy Heroes come one by one. Just make sure you kill them before they are gathering and come to you.


Hope that the Game Tips help :)

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