Monday, September 2, 2013

Hardest Game Play is available in the Google Play Store

Yeah~ Hardest Game Play is now available in the Google Play Store. So far this is my second Android Game after the Quoridor Board Game. Unlike the board game, the "Hardest Game Play" is a game of puzzles solving, in which there are 25 stages in total. In each stage, all the player needs to do is to find out the "Play" button, precisely the one in the black color as shown below:
Each stage in the Hardest Game Play presents a different kind of puzzle (and different level too). To go to the next stage, the players have to solve the puzzle and touch the play button (pretty intuitive right?). After completing all the 25 stages, an assessment will be made based on the total number of the 'Touch' used by the players throughout the game. The lesser the touch, the better the grade.

There is one important point to emphasize here: NO instruction is given throughout the game. With only 'Touch' and 'Drag', the players would be able to complete the game. To use the touch as minimum as possible, problem solving skills, dexterity, accuracy and consistency are required. Of course, practice makes perfect. :)

There is one good news. On and above the version of v1.0.4, the Hardest Game Play has included a "Trial Mode". The stages of higher difficulty are picked as the trials. If you are able to complete all the trial stages with the 3 stars rating, you would be probably able to do well in this game.

Feel free to drop some comments on how to improve the game play experience.

  • The making of the Hardest Game Play is inspired by the Flash Game "Click Play". However, the former interprets the user activity as 'Touch' instead of the 'Click' due to the game play in different platform (mobile devices vs desktop)
  • Again, thanks to the TexturePacker. Without such a efficient and user-friendly tool, this game wouldn't be able to be released within such a short period of time.
***Due to the game improvement and modification, this game is currently not available at the app store. It will be re-published again in October. Thanks.

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