Monday, September 16, 2013

Why Candy Crush Saga Game could be so popular and successful?

No matter you like it or not, the Candy Crush Saga Game by is really really a golden example of a successful mobile game that tops the chart in terms of the downloads and the popularity.
Ok. The simplest fact is, it reaches the downloads of beyond 100,000,000 (100 millions), and is still counting day by day. Regardless of what types of advertising or in-app selling approaches, this company must have earned crazily.

The thing is, what makes Candy Crush Saga Game so special? It is just using a simple concept of match-3 game. Remember the PopCap game Bejeweled that was once so widespread in the facebook last time? Both of them apply the same concept. And the subsequent Candy Crush Saga Game is still able to penetrate the market so successfully. Why?

To make it short, here's shows some convincing facts about the Candy Crush Saga Game.

1. Simple Game Play Experience

Candy Crush Saga only requires the player to match 3 or above candies of the same type. With the touch play experience, it is even more intuitive and easier than playing with the mouse. The game has overcome the boundary of ages, genders, countries and ethnics. Anyone seeing the game would be able to pick up fast, and complete each round within minutes.

2. Almost endless stages (beyond 400)

Candy Crush Saga always updates its number of stages. Since the game is designed to be platform-based, the number of stages could always be increased with some complexity added. For example, it takes a few more times to break the jelly, or to collect more fruits in a single stage, or to achieve higher scores with fewer moves. Technically speaking, it can go almost endless, as long as the developers wish.

3. Social Network boosted (Facebook)

Candy Crush Saga game has a very critical element to which the success of the game attributes - widespread through Facebook social network. To surpass the barriers of the entry of some stages, you need to request tickets from your friends (through Facebook). Furthermore, if you fail to complete the stages for more than 5 times in a row and do not want to waste too much time on the regeneration, you can request the moves from your peers. In the end? More and more of your friends help spreading the game while joining it.

In short, even though the Candy Crush Saga is not a graphic-intensive game, it still stands out successfully, defeating any other Android Games due to the elements of simplicity, endless rounds and the dissemination through the social network.

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