Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Gentle reminder: This is truly an original and a useful blog

"To err is human, to forgive divine".
Wait, what if the culprit is a robot? or precisely, the blog crawlers?

Last Sunday night, on a routine surfing of my "Android Gamify" blogspot to plan which topic should come next, all of a sudden, i was returned with a horrifying message:

"Blog has been removed"

Flabbergasted, my mind turned blank for seconds before gaining consciousness.

"What?" "Why?"

These are the questions flashing through my mind. Immediately, i logged into my email, realizing that my blogspot has been marked as "SPAM" by the automation system.

This is hilarious. The blog is my personal diary of my Android Games development. Every single article is originally written and proofread. How does the system define it as "SPAM"?

Without a second thought, I made an appeal, while praying everything will be restored. Unlike other services, blogger doesn't offer a Live chat. I really wished to have an immediate face to face session arguing, discussing, clarifying, convincing, or whatever action to recover my posts. That night, was a completely sleepless night...

On the next day, i kept checking emails and entering the blog again. Only in the afternoon I found that the entire blog site has been restored. And the blogger staff admitted that it was a MISTAKE.

Heaving a sigh of relief, I told myself that, to prevent such a disaster in the future, it is so crucial for us to consistently "backup" our posts (which is actually a feature available  in the blogger). I almost lost the motivation to continue blogging, until i found that it came alive again.

And i hope you can learn from this lesson as well.

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