Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Monkey - a programming language for Games Development on multiple platform

Cool. As the title suggests, "Android Gamify", now even the name of "monkey" has been taken for the language of Games development. And it claims to target at Android, iOS, Desktop, HTML5 and XNA.

The download page of the "Monkey" presents a Demo Version (free) and a Full Version ($99 USD). Here, i would only be able to show the Demo Version. In short, the interface is pretty clean and intuitive.

The IDE of Monkey is quite fast to load. For beginners, there are a number of monkey samples available to start with. I am not that familiar with the language, but it looks like Actionscript (from the way it declares the data type).

The red rocket button is the one to build and run your project. Fast and clean.

However, the important question to ask here is that: How to build an Android apk file from this Monkey demo version? To our dismay, the demo version doesn't have the feature. I would personally be better impressed if it is included, so that I could write a little more about the Android Games Development using Monkey, precisely, Monkey programming language.

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